Solution: This page isn’t eligible to have a username on Facebook

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this page isn't eligible to have a username.

FIX: This page is not eligible to have a username on Facebook

This page isn’t eligible to have a username: Facebook allows page owners to create a custom URL for their business page. While the process itself is easy, sometimes the user may encounter the message This page is not eligible to have a username error.

You are more likely to encounter one of these errors:

The username is not available
This page is not eligible to have a username.

This error can occur due to various reasons, including your Facebook page not meeting the minimum requirement of 25-page likes, lack of administrative privileges, and page verification issues.

If you are also concerned about this error, here is a detailed step-by-step guide to help you resolve this page is not eligible to have a Facebook username error.

this page isn't eligible to have a username.

How to fix this page is not eligible to have a username?

1. Use an alternative Facebook account

The simplest solution to this problem is to make your friend or your alternate account admins of the page and then try to create a custom URL. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it.

  1. Open Facebook and log in with your main account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Open page roles.
  4. In the text box under Assign a new page role, enter the name or email of the person you want to add as an administrator.
  5. Select the profile from the list.
  6. Click on the Editor option and change it to Administrator.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Now log in with the account of the person who made the administrator.
  9. Click the arrow icon in the upper right corner and select the Manage Pages option.
  10. Select the page you want to manage.
  11. Click About.
  12. Select Create a page @ username
  13. Enter the username you want to assign to your page
  14. Click Create a username.

That’s it. Now you have successfully created a custom URL without this page you are not eligible to have a username error on Facebook.

In order for your Facebook page to be eligible for a username, make sure you meet the following criteria. Facebook page must have at least 25 likes and one public post.

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This page isn’t eligible to have a username: The verification tag increases the credibility of your company. When users see a verification tag on a page or profile, they are guaranteed to be interacting with a real person or organization. Verified pages and profiles also perform better in searches.
Verification requests can be submitted using this form. The authentication must be accompanied by an identity document. You should also write a few sentences about why your account should be granted verification. If there are pages that show public interest in your person or organization, you must provide all URLs.
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A new type of product tagging currently being tested allows Instagram Business profiles to tag products in post captions.

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This page isn’t eligible to have a username: It is common to use the full name instead of the first and last name, if only for disambiguation reasons because the number of surnames is relatively small. For this reason, it is common to find middle names. However, when trying to register these names as middle names, a message appears telling users that “names cannot be too many words”. Therefore, many Chamorro users are forced to put all the words together as one or to initialize each word with a common acronym such as DLG or DLC.
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This page isn’t eligible to have a username: In Active Directory, there is a password policy that defines settings such as password complexity, length, or age. There is also a policy that defines the acceptable characters and length for user names.
When you use Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) to change or reset a password in AD, the password policy is checked. If the password does not meet the policy requirements, the user is prompted to try again. Administrators have some restrictions on using SSPR that are different than normal user accounts.
This article describes the password policy settings and complexity requirements associated with user accounts in your AD tenant, and how you can use PowerShell to verify or configure password expiration settings.
Each account that signs in to Azure AD must have a unique User Principal Name (UPN) attribute value associated with their account. In hybrid environments with an on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) environment synchronized with AD using Azure AD Connect, the AD UPN defaults to the on-premises UPN.


This page isn’t eligible to have a username: The purpose of the tag is to help your customers understand what data is collected from your application and how it is used. To do this, before answering the App Store Connect questions, you will need to know the types of data that you and/or your third-party partners collect from your application. Keep in mind that, even if you collect the data for reasons other than analytics or advertising, it is necessary to declare it. For example, if you collect data solely for application functionality, declare the data on your label and indicate that it is only used for that purpose.
“Collect” refers to the transmission of data outside the device in a way that allows you and/or your third-party partners to access it for a period longer than is necessary to fulfill the request transmitted in real-time.
Data types must meet all criteria to be considered optional for disclosure. If a type of data collected by your application meets some of the above criteria, but not all, it must be disclosed in App Store Connect.

Facebook gives users the ability to create pages to share diverse content towards a certain sector of users, this page has a username that will be shown to all those followers of the page, a name that is limited to a series of rules that must be followed in order to achieve this.

However, there is a very common error that users experience where the message “This page does not meet the requirements to have a username” is present, despite making sure of it


The solution to this error: This page isn’t eligible to have a username

This page isn’t eligible to have a username is the one that occurs when trying to place a username on a Facebook page, even when the user is complying with the “common parameters” that must be taken into account when choosing a name, such as the absence of insults, among others.

To solve this error, it is necessary for the owner or creator of the page, who is, in turn, an administrator of the same, to appoint a second trusted administrator.

After that, this second administrator will be in charge of changing the user name of the page.

For some reason, Facebook does not allow the creator of the page to modify the username of the same, despite having complied with all the parameters that are required for this, this being an action that is reserved only for other administrators of the page.

It is because of this that appointing a second administrator is essential to be able to carry out this modification.

In case we do not have someone to designate as a second administrator, we can create a second Facebook account and give this title to this account, in this way we can ensure that the page will not be at risk.

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What usernames does Facebook not allow?

The names of users that you can give to your Facebook page, should not have the characteristics that we leave you immediately.

  • Numbers, punctuation marks, symbols, or capital letters are used in an inappropriate or unusual way, by this, he means that not many capital letters can be placed or that the entire name is written in its entirety with capital letters.
  • Characters that belong to a language other than the one configured in the creator’s Facebook profile.
  • Names that are related to religious, professional, or military titles.
  • Those nicknames, words, or phrases are used as a middle name.
  • Names that suggest offensive content or offensive words, either insults or that may hurt the sensitivity of a user.

As you have noticed, the usernames that can be given to a Facebook page have different rules that must be followed, which are also applied to the names of users who own particular Facebook accounts.

It is an extremely simple solution, which only requires a few clicks to correct the error; It is always important to be aware of the restrictions that Facebook has imposed to avoid future problems.



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