Things to do on friday night

By George

Friday night is the perfect time to kick back, relax and have fun and Christmas is no exception! Whether you’re looking for family friendly Christmas-themed activities or want to get into the Christmas spirit, there are plenty of ways to make your Friday night special. Here are our top Christmas themed suggestions for a fun and festive night in.

1. Christmas Movie Marathon:

Grab your popcorn and Christmas themed pyjamas, and settle for a Christmas movie marathon! There are plenty of options, whether classic Christmas films or new releases. To take the experience up a notch, set up a Christmas  to enhance the viewing experience!

2. Christmas Crafts:

Spread Christmas cheer with festive Christmas crafts! Whether decorating Christmas cards, making homemade tree ornaments, or putting together a gingerbread village, there are plenty of creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit.

3. Christmas Bake-Off:

Christmas is the perfect excuse to indulge in delicious holiday treats! Host a Christmas bake-off with your family or friends and let your creativity flow. From Christmas cookies and cakes to pies, tarts, and brownies, you can choose from plenty of recipes that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

4. Christmas Games:

Christmas games are the perfect way to get everyone involved in the Christmas festivities! From Christmas charades and trivia to holiday themed bingo, Christmas Pictionary, and Christmas karaoke, there are plenty of entertaining ways to bring people together for a night of holiday cheer.

5. Christmas Scavenger Hunt:

Christmas scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids. They can be fun for adults too! Create a Christmas themed hunt around your house or neighbourhood, and add some festive treats as rewards.

6. Christmas Karaoke:

Christmas karaoke is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit! Everyone can join in, from Christmas carols to classic Christmas songs. Plus, you don’t need a karaoke machine. Use an online karaoke site or app to kick off your Christmas sing-along!

7. Christmas Decorating:

Christmas decorating is one of the most popular Christmas activities, and for a good reason! Whether stringing Christmas lights, setting up a Christmas tree, crafting Christmas wreaths, or making Christmas centrepieces, there are plenty of ways to get creative and make your home look festive.

8. Christmas Trivia:

Put your Christmas knowledge to the test with some Christmas trivia! Gather your friends and family for a Christmas trivia night and see who can answer the most questions. You can even add some Christmas treats or prizes as incentives.

9. Christmas Shopping:

It doesn’t have to be a chore. It can also be fun! Whether browsing online or heading out to the mall, Christmas shopping can be a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Plus, it’s always more fun when you can shop with friends and family!

10. Christmas Themed Dinner Party:

The perfect time to gather your friends and family for a festive dinner party. Whether you’re cooking Christmas recipes or ordering takeout, Christmas themed dinner parties are always full of fun and laughter. You can even incorporate Christmas decorations and tunes to make your party special!

11. Christmas Bingo:

Christmas bingo is an easy and fun game for the whole family! You can make your own Christmas bingo cards or use ones you find online.
Give each player a Christmas themed prize, like candy canes or other holiday treats, when they get ‘bingo’, and you’re all set!

12. Christmas Dinner Party:

Invite friends and family for Christmas dinner! If you’re feeling creative, come up with a Christmas themed menu from Christmas cookies to turkey dishes, there are plenty of options to choose from. Decorate the table in festive colours, dress up your finest, and enjoy a Christmas feast.


Christmas is a great time to get creative and have fun with your family and friends. From Christmas crafts and games to Christmas baking and decorating, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of this festive season! So don’t let Christmas pass you by. Get into the Christmas spirit today!

By George
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