These 4 tips will help you wax your eyebrows successfully

By Tamer Alexandera
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Wax your eyebrows successfully, have you ever plucked your brows in “improvisation” mode and instantly regretted it? The mistake is common; anybody who has ever had to deal with unwanted hair understands that brow shaping is an art form in and of itself!

This extremely sensitive region must be handled with care and accuracy in order for the end outcome to be in harmony with the rest of your face. Here are some pointers to help you succeed with hair removal.

1. Carefully define the line of your eyebrows

Wax your eyebrows successfully Your face is one-of-a-kind, and your brows are no exception! The forms, widths, and thicknesses of the brow line vary from person to person, and, like a haircut, what works for your neighbour may not work for you.

Use your eyes and nose as reference points to design your own ideal line. Take three exact measurements with a pencil or makeup brush to estimate the length of your brow and the maximum height it should reach.

To begin, put one end of the pencil at the base of your nose and push it to the outside of your nostril to determine where your brow line should begin. Then, using the other end, line it with the inner corner of your eye.

To identify the highest point of your brow, but the end of the pencil against your nose and angle the pencil so that it goes directly through the centre of your pupil.

Finally, to determine where your brow line should terminate, angle the pencil while pressing its base on your nose until you reach the outer corner of your eye.

As a result, the hairs to be removed should be those that surpass these limits.

2. Choose the right method to sculpt your eyebrows

Wax your eyebrows successfully Of course, there are several ways for sculpting, refining, or redefining your brows; here are three.

The tweezers

A timeless masterpiece! However, be cautious not to overdo it and remember to stick to the measurements you’ve already taken, or you’ll wind up with a crooked line… or eliminating an excessive amount of hair!

cotton threads

This method, which was developed in the Middle East and is great for delicate skin, nonetheless needs strong skill to be genuinely effective. As a result, if you want to utilise it, you’ll need to hire an expert.

Permanent makeup by dermo-pigmentation

This procedure enables you to draw the shape of your brow line with a pencil first, then implant the subcutaneous pigments at your leisure. Although more complicated than the previous approaches discussed, this technique is all about emphasising your characteristics while being as natural as possible.

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3. Forget the razor, the wax and the laser

Wax your eyebrows successfully While there are various unique choices for waxing your brows, some should be avoided at all costs!

The razor

Is it really necessary to explain why? The lack of accuracy, as well as the danger of cutting yourself or removing too much hair, are sufficient reasons to choose a different method… not to mention the fact that hair regrowth is both quick and severe. Forgetting!


Although the use of wax for the brows is conceivable, it is not suggested. This is due to the danger of ptosis of the eyelids, which is an unfavourable impact of “droopy eyelids” caused by traction of the skin in this region. The danger is not worth it.

Laser hair removal

It may be a really successful approach for other parts of the body, but it should be avoided for the brows! If the laser is used too near to the eyes, it risks reaching the pupil, the most pigmented portion of the human body, and inflicting irreparable damage to your vision!

4. Options for electrolysis, for eyebrow waxing

Wax your eyebrows successfully If hair removal is an option that piques your attention, the most intriguing of the bunch is electrolysis! The hairs are killed at the root bypassing a little electric current via a filament put into their hair bulbs. The hairs do not grow back after multiple sessions.

This procedure is often used on the face to treat unwanted hair since it is affordable, suited for all hair and skin types, and delivers instant results.

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