The feather brow: a new Instagram trend that is enthralling everyone.

The feather brow: As we all know, Instagram is a place where beauty trends come and go. At the moment, it is the brows that have decided to be natural and draw a feather in the process. Explanations.

Taking care of your brows may be the last thing on our minds during this time of confinement, but it is nevertheless important. Certainly, with a social life that consists of three Facetime conversations and a wardrobe that is limited to a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, our brows have taken a backseat to our lives in general. A method similar to any other for learning to accept oneself without searching for the ideal curve at all costs, with your head crushed against the mirror, is to practice. And, sure, celebrate that the trend is moving away from rejection and toward the wild eyebrow.

We no longer have to awkwardly manage those tweezers that make us feel uncomfortable; instead, we may let our brows develop and appreciate the results. Feathered brows are the term used to describe this. This independence is more important than ever, according to Zara Findlay, one of the top make-up gurus on Instagram and a Bobbi Brown makeup artist, who spoke to the British version of “Glamour” about why this freedom is more vital than ever: “On social media networks, we find individuals who are completely accepting of their natural brows, allowing them to develop and flourish, maybe even more than typical,” she said. “It’s a style that we term “feather brows,” and it’s suitable for everyone. However, it may be tweaked to suit individuals who are not huge lovers of enormous eyebrows in their natural state.

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The feather brow: The right gesture massage

The feather brow: In conclusion, there isn’t much you can do other than relax and wait for your brows to develop. The latter will then take on their natural form, which is frequently that of a feather in this case. Wow, isn’t it fantastic? Zara Findlay even gives a few additional suggestions for making this trend a success: ” If you want to increase your brow development while also embracing this trend, be sure to massage them in. When I use a facial wash or cleaning oil, it is quite simple for me to remove makeup. “Really stroke the brows in an upward motion, massaging them to remove any extra makeup or residue,” she says to the British magazine “Glamour.”

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