The best physical activities for men according to their age

By Bijesh Ustav
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The best physical activities for men according to their age

at 20 years old

You should invest in team sports; after all, they guarantee more significant social interaction, relaxation and a high degree of fun. Basketball, handball, volleyball and football are some of the most popular. Remembering that although at this age the body is more prepared for big impacts, it is always necessary to perform warm-up exercises before practising any sport. Injuries also need to be taken seriously and treated according to medical advice, or they can turn into severe problems in the future.

at 30 years old

It is necessary to start thinking about strengthening muscle strength that decreases after the age of 35, so you should include weight training exercises in your activities. This way, you guarantee the maintenance of one of the most primordial structures of the male body. But be sure to practise other sports; tennis, for example, is a low-impact exercise that burns a lot of calories, which can help you stay in good shape.

at 40 years old

Health care needs to increase, so it is necessary for a doctor to assess whether or not you have restrictions when it comes to practising a particular exercise of more significant impact. However, men in their 40s should continue to build muscle strength with workouts and include aerobic exercise as well. In this case, walking is an excellent option because it also has low impact and contributes to an improvement in the quality of life of practitioners.

years 50 years

We have already talked here about some of the principal evils that threaten men’s health and also about how they can be prevented with exercise, good nutrition and medical monitoring. And for men over 50, these precautions should be even more significant. Swimming is a great indication of exercise in this age group, as it helps to work all the muscles at once and with the advantage of having the water reducing the impact.

over 60 years

Do not think that the elderly should no longer worry about health; on the contrary, exercises help prevent diseases and maintain vitality, energy and disposition, It turns out that these practices must be carried out with follow-up and greater care, but that doesn’t stop you from continuing to practice your favourite activities.

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