That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You: what does it mean?

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That Wasn't Very Cash Money of You

About That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You, meme

That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You: A catchphrase linked with a drawing of Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica wearing sunglasses is “About That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You.” “Cash money” is used to signify “cool” in this sentence. The image was made into an exploitable in which additional characters recite the word, and the phrase was paired with photos of other characters, most of them were wearing sunglasses.

Origin of That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You, meme

Tumblr user things-in-sunglasses[1] posted the original image to their page on January 26th, 2014, and it has now amassed over 106,000 remarks in four years (shown below, left). Though the earliest known version was posted to the Allspark forums[2] on March 13th, 2014, it’s conceivable that this image is a modified version of the same image with Sayaka without spectacles (shown below, right).

Your black and white cartoon eyewear nose fictitious character didn’t have a lot of money. attention to the eyes photography in black and white photography in black and white photography in black and white photography in black and white photography YOU WEREN’T VERY MONEY BLACK WHITE BLACK AND WHITE CARTOON HUMAN HAIR COLOR ANIMATE NOSE JOINT EMOTION fictitious character monochromatic monochrome photography

That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You, meme: Spread

The artwork began to be copied with different characters as the word spread. On August 21st, 2015, a drawing was submitted to DeviantArt[3] (shown below, left). @ObsidianWasp shared another using the Fire Emblem character Anna on Twitter (shown below, right).

OTTO face line art white facial expression person black and white mammal text vertebrate emotion nose human behavior head cartoon male hand font grin red cartoon facial expression mammal human hair color fictional character vertebrate nose head male mouth hairstyle for a boy with mixed emotions human cheek organ on the forehead

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The term was posted to Urban Dictionary on December 18th, 2015[3]. (shown below).

That wasn’t exactly thrifty of you. When someone has recently pulled a dick manoeuvre, the phrase is employed. Being cash money entails having cool and laid-back, therefore not being cash money implies that the individual is a jerk or simply messed up. Is it true that you just threw my beer? That wasn’t exactly thrifty of you. Hey, man, that wasn’t exactly thrifty of you. nago Giovanna’s worktext blue font line product on December 18, 2015

A reiteration of the meme utilizing an animated image of Godzilla began spreading on /r/dankmemes in September 2018. With an example provided on September 17th, 2018, user Dolphin follower44 received 100 points in less than an hour. On the same day, another post by user jackota gained 65 points in an hour.

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