Ten elementor pro web design templates to consider in 2021

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Ten Niche web designs with Elementor Pro that don’t have to cost you the ribs!

When you are looking for a new website, there are a number of options open to you. The first choice you can make is of course the cheapest. You take a WordPress installation and install a standard or premium theme with the help of an Atlanta web design company.

This will probably cost you a few bucks… and unless you know quite a bit about WordPress, a few dozen hours.

Moreover, you will find that this damn theme just won’t do what you want to see.

Depending on the monetary value you place on your time and your mental peace of mind, this can be both the cheapest and the most expensive solution for a new website.

elementor pro web designs

The other extreme

The other extreme is of course that you have your website built from scratch by a professional web builder. Your theme is completely tailor-made for you.

Depending on the tools your web builder uses, But you do have exactly what you want, with a minimal investment of your own time.

Working with Elementor (Pro)

A lot has happened in the field of web design in recent years. And of all forms of web design, especially web designs with Elementor Pro have taken a special place.

With Elementor it is possible to get your design exactly the way you would like it and that for a fraction of the time (and therefore the price) that you would need for a complete custom site.

That is of course nice if you already have a design. Or at least a good idea. But if you don’t have that at all yet? What then?

In the same blog article, I also mentioned the possibility of so-called ‘Web Kits’‘. ‘Predefined web pages’, which you can adapt to your own needs to your heart’s content.

And I want to review a few of these web designs with Elementor, perhaps for your specific niche.

Kits that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

What do I need?

A ‘Kit’ is essentially different from a theme. And to be able to install a ‘kit’ you at least need a theme.

In principle, any theme will suffice, but because you don’t want too much ‘overhead’, you naturally choose a simple theme.

If you want to do it right right away, then of course you make sure that you make a Child Theme for this theme.

And now – Ten Niche web designs

And now it’s time to look at ten smashing web designs with Elementor Pro. For ten specific web designs with Elementor Pro, here are my recommendations regarding suitable template kits to realize them.

In this article, you see the homepage of the specific kit for web designs with Elementor Pro. If you want to see the other pages, click on the link. This will send you to the page with more information about the Elementor Template Kit. Here you will also find a link to the other pages.

1. Essence – The essentials for a business site

The makers of Essence indicate that it is a website for coaching, but personally, I find this template kit an excellent basis for an average ‘general business site’. The theme actually contains everything you need, including the blog pages. The color scheme is easy to customize and as with any template kit, it is fully customizable.

2. Anayoga – An ideal theme for yoga and other meditative workshops

When we look at the meditative designs, I actually think Anayoga is one of the most beautiful designs. Calming, contemporary, and very ‘own’. Here too, of course, it is fully customizable.

Optionally, you can expand the theme (or have it expanded) with the possibilities for workshops and lessons.

3. Gymax – A web design for gyms

The Gymax template kit includes a great design for gyms. The chosen color scheme (red and black) looks very powerful, but if it is not the colors of your gym, this is very easy to adjust.

Optionally, you can expand the theme (or have it expanded) with the possibilities for workshops and lessons.

4. Resortly – Hotels, campsites, and B&B websites

If you want a website for your hotel, campsite, or B&B website, Resortly is a good starting point. Of the websites with Elementor for this sector specifically, I think ‘Resortly’ is one of the nicest. Of course, you want to expand this with a well-functioning reservation system, but the foundation has already been laid. The color scheme is also easy to adjust to your own needs.

5. Bristol – Home Delivery and Catering

Do you deliver food to your home or do you have a catering service, then Bristol is a good kit to use as a base. Online orders are not possible with the kit itself, but it is quite easy to integrate WooCommerce. If you provide catering services, it might also be an idea to use a ‘ Composite product ‘ plugin to allow the customer to easily put together a specific catering package.

6. The Restaurant – Eating out!

The Restaurant is a simple, yet stylish template kit for a restaurant website. Easy to implement and possibly expandable with a reservation system.

7. Quanzo – A website for a visual artist or graphic designer

Quanzo is a template kit that is extremely suitable for entrepreneurs who mainly rely on their visual presentation. Such as visual artists or graphic designers. And because you definitely don’t want a ‘standard’ website, Quanzo is equipped with various alternative header and footer styles. In short, the ideal kit if you want to build your own site for your art or designs.

8. InCloud – Web hosting and online (SaaS) services

Do you offer web hosting or Software as a Service service? Then InCloud is a great kit to use for the foundation of your website.

9. Feanty – Beauty Clinic and Beauty Salon

Are you looking for a design for your beauty salon, nail studio, or hairstyling studio? Then Feanty can offer you a good basis. With more than 50 crosses for the pages for your website, you can in any case not complain that you have too few choices.

If you also sell beauty products, you can of course expand your site with a WooCommerce webshop.

10. Deva – The fashion webshop that ‘does it’

With regard to web designs for Elementor Pro, there are a number of great template kits for webshops. When you take a webshop template, don’t forget to check whether the kit also supports WooCommerce.

There are a number of template kits available with beautiful webshop layouts but without a direct link to WooCommerce. Fortunately, Deva does. And also some nice blog templates. It is a stylish, color-neutral design that actually goes well with every fashion style.

And while the theme’s creators think it’s fashion-specific, this design also works well with interior fashion, jewelry, and home appliances.

elementor pro web designs

Getting started yourself?

If you want to get started with one of these kits and you have little or no experience with Elementor Pro and/or WordPress, I highly recommend the course ‘ Build your WordPress website with Elementor Pro ‘.

To build your own web designs with Elementor Pro, you will need to purchase one or more template kits. A more economical way to use these template kits is to take a monthly subscription to Envato Elements. Most of the kits discussed here are available through both Envato Elements and ThemeForest. The big difference, however, is that through Envato Elements you not only get access to the template kits but also millions of other resources that you can use when building your site.

Has it been done?

If building such a website yourself seems a bit too much work for you, you can also have it done. From only 300 euros (including the costs for the kit and one year license on Elementor Pro) you can let me build your site based on one of the template kits from this article. Have your eyes fallen on another template kit? That is also negotiable. Read on for more information.


Under the heading ‘Extras’ you will find some other template kits that are worth checking out. If you are looking for web designs with Elementor, then it is certainly worth clicking here.


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