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In this article, I will introduce you to the best WordPress themes and plugins developed by TemplateMonster. You will certainly be surprised, like us, by the reliability, versatility, and design of the proposed themes, but also by the functionality and performance of the very useful plugins.

TemplateMonster is a marketplace where you can find great WordPress themes and plugins, but also many other products.


In fact, the following are available:

  • Template for Joomla, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento;
  • Templates for PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides, Keyonote;
  • Graphics of all kinds, from logo templates to T-shirt templates, icon sets, or PSD templates;
  • Audio files (music and sound effects);
  • Video files (templates and stock videos).

It is, therefore, a platform really full of surprises and I invite you to explore all the products and services available, because you may find something really interesting.

In addition to being able to buy the products you need at the moment, if you think you can take advantage of all that TemplateMonster has to offer, then I suggest you evaluate the subscription MonsterONE.

At a very affordable price, you can download all products unlimitedly, rely on a 24/24 support service, and have access to every new product that is published.

I’m sure I intrigued you, right?

In this article, however, I focus only on what concerns the best WordPress products that TemplateMonster has to offer us.

We have chosen 4 themes and 4 plugins so that we can present you with a certain variety of solutions, to satisfy the needs of all of you.

Before starting, I inform you that the TemplateMonster website is also available in Italian, so the choice of products for your website will not be difficult. Not all descriptions, however, are fully translated yet.

TemplateMonster: the best WordPress themes

Visiting the TemplateMonster site, to find all the WordPress themes available go to the CMS menu item and select WordPress Themes. You will find over 2000 of them.

Choose your category and the characteristics that the theme should have or search based on the style and colors of the theme. The choice will be very simple thanks to the various possibilities of filtering the results.

All the TemplateMonster themes, however, are perfectly responsive, that is, they will adapt to any device, of any size, without loss of content compared to the desktop version. Plus, cross-browser compatibility is ensured, so you won’t have to search for multiple browsers to test.

For starters, here it is the 4 best TemplateMonster themes that I suggest you take into consideration.

Monstroid2 web templates

Monstroid2 is a multifunctional WordPress theme designed to be used with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg.

The Elementor page builder and Jet plugins are included in the theme.

Elementor is the best page builder for WordPress, based on the very simple drag & drop system that allows you to create wonderful web pages without having technical programming knowledge.

Jet plugins, on the other hand, are very useful plugins always developed by TemplateMonster and of them, you will know them in the second part of this article.

On top of all this, you will also have 20 skins that you can use for any type of project and you will receive a new one every week. Using the modular page building system, you can choose from well over 500 ready-to-use sections, so creating your pages will be a matter of seconds.

If you have decided to create a blog, you can choose between 50 different layouts and 10 layouts for the single post, completely customizable.

If, on the other hand, you want to create an eCommerce, by relying on the appropriate Jet Woo Builder you can create splendid pages for categories and individual products.

Even the creation of the header and footer will be completely customizable thanks to the specific builder that relies on Elementor and is based on the use of modules. You can also assign certain headers or footers to individual pages.

The theme is very light and fast, completely responsive, and designed with a view to user experience, therefore very easy to use even by those who have no experience with WordPress.

In addition, the support is very efficient and available 24/7 via email and chat, including rich documentation and lifetime updates.

Website template WooStroid2

If your project is the creation of an eCommerce, rely on WooStroid. This beautiful theme is specially designed for online stores and, in addition to being preset for WooCommerce and usable with any type of online store, you can choose the skin that best suits your industry.

As for the theme seen above, the Elementor page builder is also used here, which allows you to create beautiful pages for your products and categories without special technical knowledge.

With this theme, you will receive 15 ready-made child themes and 12 plugins are also included, which are necessary to get a high-performance eCommerce, to improve the appearance and add functionality to your online store.

Even with the TemplateMonster WooStroid theme, you can take advantage of 24/7 support ready to intervene for any problem through the live chat. Furthermore, you will be able to learn how to use it perfectly thanks to the hundreds of tutorials that will be provided to you upon purchase.

24. Storycle website template

Do you have a news site or blog? Try the 24. Storycle theme, the multifunctional theme designed especially for those who publish articles and news on any topic.

Again, you can rely on the fantastic Elementor page builder and the custom header and footer creation function. It also creates beautiful mega menus by simply dragging items into any layout you want.

You can choose between 7 blog styles, suitable for various topics such as news, fashion, sports, etc., and 10 layouts for the article page, all customizable. If you want to add extra features to your articles, you can enter the reading time, the number of visits, the “select and share” function that allows the user to quickly share a portion of text on social networks.

The theme is very light and responsive, it allows you to create AMP pages, it is already prepared for SEO and retina displays.

To top it off, you also get 50 free high-quality images to use on your blog.

Chantalle website layout

Here is now a beautiful theme dedicated to beauty, fashion, and all those typically feminine interests. Do you want to create a fashion blog, a website for a SPA, a food blog, or a jewelry store? Chantalle will be ideal.

Choose from 9 ready-to-use demos, all dedicated to different topics, and customize your pages using the Elementor page builder by simply dragging and dropping items as you wish.

Among the peculiarities of this theme, there are beautiful blocks to highlight the services you offer, the management of testimonials via sliders, the Instagram feed to enrich your content. Also, the Revolution Slider plugin is included in the theme.

If you want to create an eCommerce, you can use an elegant pricing table system and also choose different layouts to showcase the brands of your products.

TemplateMonster: the best WordPress plugins

Now that we have seen the beautiful WordPress themes by TemplateMonster, let’s move on to plugins. The THETemplateMonster WordPress plugin they are very useful and the ones that I present to you in this article are the 4 that I think are the best.

These are additional features to Elementor, which will allow you to go even where the page builder has limitations.

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JetElements WordPress plugin

With the JetElements plugin, you can add modules of many different types anywhere on the pages, and you can customize them with the style you prefer, graphic effects, animations, etc.

Thanks to this tool, you can even insert WooCommerce elements anywhere on your website. Then adding the Contact Form 7 contact form will be as easy as a click, literally!

JetMenu WordPress plugin

JetMenu is the plugin that allows the creation of mega menus through simple drag & drop. It will be really simple: activate the function and drag into the menu not only simple lists but also brel, galleries, playlists, maps, and everything you want.

Customize the size of individual elements, colors, borders, even submenus and menus on mobile devices.

The result is truly unique.

WordPress plugin JetPopup

With JetPopup you will be able to create wonderful popups using Elementor, and then simply dragging the elements you want into your popup.

You can create pop-ups of many different types: newsletter subscription, contacts, special offers, GDPR, and others.

Choose the event that causes the popup to appear: when the page opens, when the user wants to exit the page, when scrolling, after a certain period of inactivity, etc.

Then set the position and animation (you can choose from more than 10 different animations).

Furthermore, you can decide to show the popup only on certain pages.

WordPress plugin JetBlocks

The JetBlocks plugin will allow you to customize your website header and footer simply by using Elementor’s drag & drop system.

The elements that you can manage are many, such as your logo, a login or registration form, the cart, the search field, etc.

Finally, it allows the possibility of creating “sticky” headers, that is, they remain visible even if you scroll down the page.


With these 4 themes and 4 TemplateMonster plugins, I have shown you the great quality of these products and I really recommend you to try them.

I remind you that for each of them (both themes and plugins) you will be able to consult extensive documentation, including specific tutorials, and you will be entitled to 24/7 assistance.


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