Guide to Target Twitter Influencers for Your Brand

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Target Twitter

Target Twitter: Influencers have been making waves in the marketing industry over the past couple of years and Twitter has played a pivotal role in many influencer marketing campaigns.

Partnering with the right Twitter influencers can help brands increase customer purchase intent by up to 88%, according to a recent study by Twitter.

Twitter has over 326 million active users every month and sees around 500 million tweets in a single day.

Due to the large user base and high activity levels, Twitter has become a major social media marketing platform. And influencer marketing is a great way to promote your brand on Twitter.

Target Twitter

Target Twitter: How to target influencers on Twitter?

Many brands have started collaborating with Twitter influencers and so can you.

But even if you have already decided to use it, you still need to make sure that your campaign is a success. This requires extensive strategic planning, specifically tailored for a Twitter influencer marketing campaign.

You do not know where to start?

In this article, you will find the ultimate guide to target Twitter influencers to get the best results from your Twitter influencer campaign.

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Target Twitter: Define your ideal influencer

The first step to target Twitter influencers is to be clear about what you need in an influencer.

For clarity, ask the following questions:

  • How would you define the perfect influencer for your brand?
  • How many followers should they have and what engagement should they be able to generate?
  • In which niche (s) should they specialize?
  • What kind of personality do they have and how well do they connect with their fans?

All of these questions can help you filter the best influencers to work with from a list of hundreds of potential influencers.

There are several effective ways to define your ideal influencers – by audience, topic, or campaign.

1. Define the ideal influencers by the audience

Why should you care about their audience?

Your ideal influencer should be able to have some influence over your target Twitter audience. So you should start by looking at your target Twitter audience to see which influencers they admire.

Or you can search for influencers whose audiences share the same interests and demographics as your target Twitter audience.

2. Define the ideal influencers by subject

The topic you choose is also an important deciding factor.

Why do you ask?

Your ideal influencer should be relevant to your industry. This will ensure that when they talk about your product it will blend in seamlessly with the content they usually create.

So defining them based on the subject they specialize in is a great idea.

Most influencer marketing tools will help you search for influencers based on relevant keywords or categories, making it easier to target Twitter influencers. You just need to think through all the topics relevant to your brand and find influencers based on keywords for that niche.

To find keywords relevant to your niche, you can use keyword research tools. Many of these tools are readily available and free to use. Below is an example of a keyword search result using the KWFinder tool.

Once you’ve found keywords that are relevant to your industry, you can use them to target Twitter influencers for that industry or topic.

3. Define the ideal influencer per campaign

And of course, your ideal influencer should be able to help you achieve your campaign goals.

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

If you want to increase brand awareness, for example, you’ll need to work with influencers who have significant reach.

But what if you want to boost your brand’s image?

Then your ideal influencer will be someone who can present your brand in a positive light.

And if you want to drive the conversation about your brand, your ideal influencer should have high engagement rates, too.

For each of these options, you can make a list that will help you define the characteristics that your ideal influencer should have. And you can use this list to select only the most ideal influencers from your search results.

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Target Twitter: What are the best tools for finding potential influencers?

Now that you’ve figured out your ideal influencer, you should start researching some of the most relevant influencers for your brand.

So how can you go about it?

While you can perform keyword and hashtag research using the Twitter influencer search option, it may be best to implement tools that will make your job easier and save your time.

Here are some of the best tools you can use to find potential Twitter influencers for your brand:


If you need to research influencers based on the type of audience they can engage, HYPR is a great option.


The tool helps you find the most relevant influencers for your brand. It gives you insight into important stats like several subscribers and engagement levels.

Wait, there is more.

On top of that, it also displays the demographics of the influencer audience. This is crucial in determining whether or not the influencer will influence your target Twitter audience. You will be able to discover details about an influencer audience such as age, gender, race/ethnicity, etc.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the most popular tools for targeting Twitter influencers.

Unsure what all the hype is about?

Let’s see its characteristics.

This is probably because the tool gives you a huge range of options to do your research.

You can enter a relevant keyword or topic into the search bar and filter your results by type of influencer – bloggers, influencers, businesses, journalists, or ordinary people.

You can also filter the results by language, country, content type, etc.

And from the search results, you can easily view stats like page authority, domain authority, number of subscribers, retweet rate, and more. This will help you discover the kind of impact that each influencer can have on your campaign and your target Twitter audience.

3. Onalytica

Onalytica Influencer Discovery software is also a great option as it offers comprehensive results and a wide variety of search options.

First of all, you can use it to do different kinds of searches like Category Search, Subject Search, Demographics Search, and Content Search.

You can then filter the results based on their type of influence, country of subscribers, location, and more.

What more, you ask?

But the best part for those who want to target Twitter influencers is that you can filter the results by social channel. You can therefore choose to display only influencers who have a significant impact on Twitter.

4. Mention

Sometimes the best types of influencers to work with are those who are engaged in conversations that are highly relevant to your brand and your products.

And Mention is a great tool to help you discover influencers like this.

You’d like to know why?

You can use the tool to track conversations on Twitter and Instagram as well as the web.

As a result, the tool will help you find out which Twitter influencers are using your keywords in their tweets. So, it even lets you target Twitter influencers who are already talking about your brand in a positive light.

Isn’t that awesome?

All you need to do is include your brand name in the list of keywords to search for. Plus, Mention has a built-in influencer score so you can easily identify the influencers most important to your brand.

5. NeoReach

And of course, there’s NeoReach which is another very comprehensive influencer discovery tool.

What makes it awesome?

They offer 40 different filters to help make your search easier and more relevant. You can use keywords like brand mentions and competitor mentions to find influencers that are highly relevant to your brand.

What else?

You can also use social performance like engagement rate and several followers to filter your search. Or you can also filter your search using audience demographics such as age, gender, brand affinity, location, language, etc.

This tool is great because, in addition to discovering influencers, it also helps you track and manage your campaign through a single dashboard.

What are the best ways to connect with Twitter influencers?

Once you’ve picked out some of the influencers you want to work with on Twitter, it’s time to start connecting with them.

The only problem?

You can’t just start with a cold email unless you’re pressed for time. Cold emails don’t always work.

So what should you do?

Instead, take advantage of Twitter first to engage with them. The idea is to get them to notice you and possibly warm you up before they can email them.

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Here are some of the best practices to help you connect with Twitter influencers:

1. Respond to their tweets

The first step in interacting with Twitter influencers is to respond to their tweets.


Influencers are going to get tons of likes on their tweets, so you need to take the bold step of responding to them if you want to be noticed.

But don’t reply to just any tweet from the influencer. Instead, look for relevant opportunities such as when the influencer has achieved something or asks a question.

2. Write something positive about them

Another way to get the attention of Twitter influencers is to mention them in your tweet.

But how to mention them?

You can talk about their recent accomplishments or how much you admire them. Maybe you can talk about their latest tweet or share one of their blog posts and mention them. Whatever you do, the tweet should be able to grab their attention and paint them in a positive light.

Does that sound silly to you? It’s not.

The idea is to show them that you care and encourage them.

At the same time, avoid overdoing it, especially if it’s just one influencer. They might end up finding you boring or scary.

Try to use this tactic every two weeks or when some influencers on your radar have done something commendable.

3. Ask them a relevant question

You can also start a conversation with Twitter influencers by asking them relevant and interesting questions. But only do this if you find the influencer to be very responsive to questions from fans.

So how can you make sure an influencer is responsive?

Check out their Twitter profile.

You can find a list of all the tweets they replied to in the Tweets & Replies section.

A highly responsive influencer is more likely to engage with your brand and answer your questions if they are relevant to them.

And if you browse his Tweets & Replies section, you’ll see that he’s very responsive to tweets from his fans. So it would be a great idea to ask him a relevant question if he fits the definition of the ideal influencer for your brand.

4. Retweet them

If you’ve found influencers who are already talking about your brand, show them your appreciation by retweeting the post they mentioned you in.

How will this help you?

You will be able to establish a connection with the influencer. And you will also gain your audience by showing them that influential people choose your brand.

Alternatively, you can also use Twitter to share posts created by influencers about your brand on other platforms.

5. Post a blog post featuring multiple influencers

It’s an effective way to target multiple Twitter influencers at once. Showcase influencers in a blog post by recruiting the best influencer content on a particular topic or the top influencers in a field.

Next, identify influencers on Twitter, praise them for making it on your list of top influencers, and share a link for your blog post.

This serves two purposes: to increase the popularity of your blog post and to get you noticed by influencers.

Sounds awesome, right?

Try this method to target Twitter influencers and get noticed by them effectively.

To find the best influencers for your blog post, you can use any of the tools mentioned above and search for influencers by topic.

While this blog post covers top influencers for multiple topics, you can create a separate post for each topic. To target Twitter influencers, you can keep your blog posts specific and only cover Twitter influencers.

Ready to target Twitter influencers?

Now you have a clear idea of ​​what you need to do before you can start working with Twitter influencers. You understand how to find them and make a shortlist of the ideal Twitter influencers for your brand. And you also have a clear idea of ​​how you can start approaching them before you start your campaign.

Now all that’s left is to define your goals and start with the tips provided in this guide to finding the most suitable Twitter influencers for your Twitter marketing campaign.

The campaigns you run will all depend on what you need for the campaign. You can decide what type of campaign to run after Twitter influencers start to get to know you.

You can choose from a range of campaign options from brand mentions to full-fledged partnerships where you create ads featuring Twitter influencers.

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5 tips for finding influencers for your brand

Influencer marketing is not just for celebrities. Brands are turning to influencers who have built smaller but very engaged audiences. Here are some ideas on where you can find influencers for your business:

The use of hashtags

Hashtags make content searchable and accessible on social platforms. So look for hashtags that may be relevant to your brand. It can help you find influencers for your business.

You can have different ways to find relevant influencers on Instagram:

  • Search Instagram for #sponsored, #ad, #blogger, or #influencer and see the results.
  • Find the most popular posts based on a hashtag in your industry or specific location.
  • If the post author has a decent number of subscribers and a good engagement rate in those posts, then you can add them to your list of potential influencers.

Use of social media

The easiest way to find influencer people who are right for your business is to find people who are already talking to you. Blog posts or social media mentions about your brand will help you find influencers for your business. Social media monitoring or listening tools can help you find influencers who talk about you or your industry. For example, someone may have posted articles on yoga accessories. If you are dealing with such products or something similar, you should engage with them.

Google alerts

Google Alerts is another method of helping you find influencers for your business. Set alerts for keywords relevant to your brand. This will help you find people who write on topics related to your industry or your products. This can help you find posts that contain your mentions. It also allows you to find advocates for your brand.

Outreach tools

When looking for influential bloggers for your business, read their post history to see if they are writing on relevant topics. Check out their domain authority and social media stats and contact those who meet your criteria. It can seem like a fairly time-consuming process to find influencers for your business.

The criteria for choosing the right influencers

Once you have found all the potential influencers for your brand, the next question to answer is whether the influencer list is the right one for your brand where the Heepsy tool can help. Either way, without further ado, here are some tips for finding the right influencers for your brand:


Before delving into unique visitors and other static metrics, it’s important to consider how well a blogger’s content aligns with your messaging. Read this blogger’s archived posts to get an idea of ​​what kind of consumer he is. You may need to focus on defining your target Twitter audience and niche first and look for an influencer who has a similar target Twitter audience and niche to your brand.

The target Twitter audience

The audience is one of the three cornerstones of any influencer marketing strategy. And this is where many brands go wrong. They fail to ensure that their target Twitter audiences are those who follow a particular influencer. That’s why knowing your audience is the first step in finding influencers for your business.

For example, let’s say you have a beauty mark. To sell your products, you decide to work with a beauty blogger. First of all, you need to understand that not all beauty bloggers have the same type of target Twitter audience. Some may target millennials as an audience and others may target mothers.

You need to make sure that your target Twitter audience is the same as that of your influencer. This is a must when you want to find influencers for your business, as the right ones will ensure that your products are presented to relevant audiences.

The theme or niche

What makes these new influencers even more powerful is the niche content they produce, often in a very specialized field. Millions of bloggers post content in popular areas such as children’s education, food, fitness, fashion, and entertainment. These influencers can be further segmented to reach specific consumers like parents of teenagers, pet lovers, marathon runners, tech freaks, and organic cooks.

Choose the right social network

An influential person can have various social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. Therefore, a marketer needs to develop a social media marketing strategy that is most suitable for the use and how to convey the right message from each of these social media to achieve the KPI and the target market that have been determined.

Marketing strategies that involve influencers or KOL (Key Opinion Leader) are usually carried out by B2C companies. But in reality, B2B companies can also benefit from this strategy, provided they can choose the right influencer or KOL, depending on the expected marketing goals.

It is therefore important to identify the character of each influencer or KOL and his followers. Because some are classified as celebrities and are good at raising awareness; others are categorized as experts or opinion leaders who are more suitable for building brand credibility, and even gaining mass media attention.


When determining who to influence, you shouldn’t just be surprised at the number of followers. Because it is possible, the influencer has more than 100,000 followers, but he only receives 100 likes or 2 comments. This can be a sign that the followers are not originals or that their followers are bot accounts (not active accounts).

It is therefore important to note the engagement of influencer accounts. Marketers need to know how audience engagement is done in their position. Because after all, an influencer will later become the link between a brand and its audience.


Find influential people whose personality and style match your message and your brand values. Such resonance will make the content truly engaging and relevant to your target audiences.

Plus, it’s best to work with an influencer who makes recommendations seem genuine with their unique way of communicating. Their posts (especially any brand-sponsored content) shouldn’t sound like something they’re talking about just because they’ve been paid to do so.


A good influencer is a passionate person who cares and has great empathy for their vertical. She keeps abreast of the latest trends and knows when the trends are going to end. A passionate influencer can talk endlessly about all aspects of their vertical, and they can do so with confidence.

You can be sure that an influencer who has empathy and is truly passionate will take the time to learn what your brand is because you are a part of their space. They want to make sure the partnership works because they know what you stand for and how it fits their audience and their area of ​​expertise.

Empathy is a must and is part of the inbound marketing strategy that is effective these days. Empathy-based marketing is about putting yourself in your audience’s shoes to understand their experience and how we can best help them get what they want.

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The reach and number of followers

While not the most important metric, the scope is certainly a valid consideration. However, marketers should resist the urge to consider unique visitors as a measure of reach. Traffic and followers are only meaningful to the extent that the influencer reaches your brand’s target audience.

For example, if you are a hotel chain or car seat manufacturer, a low-reach travel blogger is more influential than a food blogger with 100,000 unique visitors per month.

It’s also important to consider what other social platforms your customers are visiting. If you are a fashion or food brand, someone with a large number of fans on Twitter or Instagram might be more valuable than a person on Facebook with a large number of fans.

In conclusion

The right influencers can lead your campaigns to success. For the best results, you need to focus on building long-term relationships with your influencers. Offer fair compensation, introduce them to your networks, share giveaways, and stay in touch even when you don’t need to. Such actions will allow your influencers to invest more in the success of your campaign.




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