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Tan color palettes: A good palette of tones is fundamental to a good website design. If you have a site, showcase, or business, you probably know that Internet users can quickly leave and never come back if the visual is not attractive. And without looking at your content or your offer, however good they are. If you are planning to open such a site, this is just as important information to know and take into account.

However, it is not always easy to find the color scheme that suits you. In these cases, a color generator can help you select the right combination for the mood you want to create on your site.

We’ve listed 19 handy and free color generators to help you choose the perfect color scheme for your site.

If you want, before choosing your color palette, to think about the colors you want to display, and the values ​​and the image you want to show on your site, our article on the meaning of colors in web marketing will give you more information. information!

1. Coolors

Tan color palettes: Coolors is a tool that brings together several rather practical characteristics. The interface displays an interactive color screen. On this screen, you can edit each color, interchange their order, and expand them to discover a selection of varying shades.

You can also lock the colors that speak to you and automatically generate options for the other colors by pressing the space bar.
You can also upload an image for inspiration, explore the pre-made color palettes, and export your own in six different formats.
Coolors is also available as an iOS application and an Adobe add-on.

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2. Pallet

Tan color palettes: Paletton includes a plethora of customization options to help you create a color scheme that is harmonious and just like you.
You can use the predefined options or create your palette from scratch. Paletton offers 34 visual effects, from shiny to black neon.

One of the best features of Paletton is the ability to preview the result. Indeed, it only takes one click for the tool to generate the visual of a fake website with the selected colors.
Once your adjustments are complete, you can export your palette in many formats. Among which a CSS code or a sample of PNG colors.

3. Adobe Color CC

Tan color palettes: Adobe Color CC lets you create a palette from scratch, use an image, or choose from palettes in the Adobe community.
Once you have your starting point, you can use the color rules (Monochrome, Triad, Complementary, etc.) or make your changes manually to find the tones you want.
If you are using an image, you can apply multiple effects to customize your palette. The interface is relatively intuitive. But mastering this tool will take a bit longer than some other pallet makers.

4. ColoRotate

Tan color palettes: ColoRotate has the particularity of presenting a 3-dimensional pallet.
Here again, it is possible to design your palette from scratch, upload an image, or be inspired by the online community.

ColoRotate’s interface is rather complex and can be intimidating at first glance. However, after some time of testing the tool, you will find amazing results.

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5. Mudcube Color Sphere

Tan color palettes: With Mudcube Color Sphere, you can take advantage of 10 different options to automatically generate your palette: Complementary, Neutral, Triad, etc.
Simply select an original color, choose a color rule, adjust the tones until you are satisfied.
Despite seemingly complicated terms, the interface is fairly easy to use.

You can save your color palette in Photoshop or Illustrator format, or save the URL of your palette to come back to it later on the interface.

6. ColRD

Tan color palettes: ColRD is an intuitive color palette generator. Among its many options, the display of a grid of 140 colors similar to the one you are using. Enough to save you serial adjustments to find the shade you are looking for.

In addition to the possibility of constituting your palette ex nihilo, you can also upload an image. However, it should be noted that this process seems much slower than on other generators offering the same characteristic.
ColRD also contains an online image library, powered by a responsive community, with the color palettes associated with each image.

7. ColorHexa

Tan color palettes: ColorHexa is a self-proclaimed color encyclopedia. On this interface, you can generate your palette by many methods. Among which, creation by gradients, by color subtraction, or by mixing.

In addition to color suggestions, you can also enter color codes, in any form, and find the color that matches them.
Thus, ColorHexa is more than a very practical tool, it is also an excellent source to learn more about digital colors.

8. Colourlovers

Tan color palettes: Somewhat different from the other tools mentioned, Colourlovers started as a community website. The priority is to share its color palettes or drafts in the library.
This tool works best when you know in advance which color palette you want to create. There is no option to guide you in the creation of your palette. However, the tool suggests 12 colors similar to the one you are processing.

Colourlovers also offers a more advanced palette generation tool: COPASO, which we will now talk about.


Tan color palettes: COPASO is, therefore, a more advanced tool offered by Colourlovers. There you will find many more options for generating your color palette. Including color rules such as complementarity, the triad, and others.
However, even though COPASO is more advanced than its twin Colourlovers, it is not the most advanced tool on this list.
Despite everything, the interface is more complicated to understand than expected.

Here again, the strength of COPASO is its community. There are many palettes with sublime tones, which are shared and commented on by members.

10. Colordot

Tan color palettes: Colordot offers a minimalist interface as possible. You change each color by the movement of the mouse: horizontal movement to change the hue, up and down for brightness, and the wheel for saturation. Once the right color is found, just click to save.

There is no export option. But Colordot automatically creates a unique URL for your palette. Colordot is also available as an iOS application where you can choose your colors and share your palettes on social networks.

11. Colourcode

Tan color palettes:`At first glance, Colourcode strongly resembles Colordot. Indeed, we find the same operation of mouse movements to change colors.
But this is only the free part of Colourcode. The full version of the interface offers many options for generating palettes.

You can save your work here as code, as a PNG extension, or as a URL.

12. Palettable

Tan color palettes: Here is another minimalist color palette generator. Palettable is reminiscent of Colordot but works differently.
Palettable suggests colors that you can either like, dislike, or customize.
The generator’s full-screen display is a plus. Indeed, it makes it easier to see how your colors compliment and harmonize.

13. Material Palette

Tan color palettes: UpLbas Material Palette is a simple tool that asks you to choose 2 colors out of 19. The tool then generates a palette of 8 colors, among which the 2 you have selected or variations of these. While Material Palette doesn’t offer any other features, it does manage to create some pretty eye-catching color palettes.

The tool also offers suggestions on how you should layout your colors on your site. This includes a primary, secondary, and primary, and secondary text color.

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14. Photocopa

Tan color palettes: Photocopa is an advanced image-based color palette generator. After selecting an image that will serve as a base (loaded by you or chosen from the gallery), the generator offers 48 colors. You will also have 6 different color palettes to choose from, with several visual effects available.

A single click will open a new color palette. However, there is a downside to this tool: it is not possible to customize the colors. You will therefore be limited to the palettes that the tool will automatically generate from the image.

15. Colorfavs

Tan color palettes: Colorfavs allows you to generate color palettes from an image (loaded or taken online), or by setting some criteria (number of colors, brightness, tint).

The Colorfavs community also allows you to benefit from advice and suggestions from other members. Another advantage of this tool is its design, which is both intuitive and aesthetically appealing.

16. Pictaculous

Tan color palettes: Many know Mailchimp for its newsletter tool, but one of its less famous features is Pictaculous. This image-based generator creates a 5-color palette once the image is loaded. The tool also suggests palettes from the Adobe Color CC (named Kuler) and ColourLovers communities.

Although Pictaculous lacks customization options, it’s worth a look for its combination suggestions from Adobe and ColourLovers.
In addition, you can export your palettes as an Adobe file.

17. Palettr

Tan color palettes: Palettr is a fairly original and unique palette generator.
Instead of offering a color palette based on an image you uploaded online, Palettr offers palettes based on keywords. Just type in a term (winter, for example). From there, the tool will offer you a selection of winter-related photos, along with suggested color palettes for each.

This tool is especially useful when you know the theme or mood you are targeting without really knowing what colors to work with. You can even kill two birds with one stone by finding great images for your site.

18. Color Blender

Tan color palettes: Color Blender is a particular color generator in its operation. Just specify 2 colors and how many colors you want. The tool will generate the intermediate colors between the 2 you have chosen, creating a perfect gradient.

Despite an uninspiring visual interface, Color Blender provides clear instructions and does the job with ease. The URL of the page automatically changes according to the generated colors. You can therefore place the page in favorites or bookmarks and find your palette at any time.

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19. Cohesive Colors

Tan color palettes: Cohesive Colors is another basic tool that offers something a little different. The tool generates a simple color palette. But you can also modify the palette with a color of your choice (overlay).

You can start with a palette of your own or by generating a random palette from the ColourLovers community (the “Get random from ColourLovers” button. You can then choose a color to cover this palette (overlay), which will create a second one. , adjusted according to your choice. This tool allows you to make pallets of consistent and harmonious colors. however, you can not fine-tune each color individually.

Tan color palettes: The importance of color palettes on the web

Tan color palettes: Deciding on the tones and colors of your site can be quite complex. The 19 color palette generators we just talked about can all, on some level, help you in this endeavor.

Among the most practical, for those who have no idea what tones to use, Palettr will suggest images and color palettes suit your theme.

In the same idea, Photocopa will help you choose a palette from images. Ideal if you already have an idea of ​​the visuals you want, and to find the color palettes that will be harmonious.

For those who already have a more precise idea of ​​their project but who find it difficult to concretely visualize the final result, Paletton is the solution. This more advanced tool, but ultimately easy to use, is ideal for applying its palette to a typical example site in just a few clicks. Nothing like it to imagine the final result more easily.

Much simpler and more intuitive, Colourcode will allow you to select your colors without needing a great deal of technical knowledge. Just move your mouse to vary the colors and click to choose the correct one.

Each of these 19 tools will inevitably be useful, according to your needs, expectations, and desires. The 4 cited above seem ideal to us for giving ideas for pallets to people who are running out of inspiration or who have no technical knowledge.

But just as we said about the 15 Chrome applications useful in creating a site, for any type of person, there will necessarily be a suitable tool among these 19 color palettes.




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