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Tallest towers, Humans have built towers throughout history, some of which are well-known. As they rise into the sky, they may serve a variety of purposes: observatories, religious symbols, or even power displays, and they bear testimony to a territory’s history and geopolitical positions. These structures have been discovered since ancient times, and they are even described in biblical tales, such as the renowned Tower of Babel myth.

The skyscrapers are becoming larger and bigger thanks to ever more efficient building technology. Immediately set off on a trip to explore the world’s 13 highest structures, as well as the world’s biggest towers under development.

1. Burj Khalifa (828m)

The Burj Khalifa tower pays homage to Dubai, a city obsessed with opulence. It is now the highest human building ever erected, standing at 828 metres. It was formerly known as Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower), but was renamed in honour of Emirati President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The Burj Khalifa is unquestionably one of Dubai’s must-see attractions. This tower provides amazing views for kilometres around from its observation decks and restaurant bar. To avoid the crowds, we recommend purchasing your tickets in advance and visiting early in the morning!

2. Tokyo Skytree (634m)

Tallest towers, Many skyscrapers that are notable for their height have been built throughout Asia. This is the case with the second-place finisher in this list, which is located in Tokyo, as its name implies. This transmission tower, originally opened in 2012, includes two observatories that are among the city’s most popular attractions.

To add to the delight, it is also able to sample the delicacies of its gourmet restaurant in a divine setting.

3. Shanghai Tower (632m)

This skyscraper is situated in Shanghai’s financial centre, the country’s second-largest metropolis. Its design is based on cutting-edge engineering approaches. Indeed, its cylindrical form provides excellent aerodynamics, allowing it to assert itself against the region’s strong winds. The skyscraper is built on concrete pillars, making it resistant to earthquakes.

To get to the Shanghai Tower, you’ll use one of the world’s fastest elevators: expect thrills! And from up there, you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettably beautiful view of the city.

4. Guangzhou Tower (604m)

The Canton Structure, the world’s fourth-highest tower, is home to a museum, a retail mall, and panoramic restaurants in Guangzhou. It has television rooms in addition to being a tourist attraction. Its twisting design is quite amazing, particularly when lit up at night.

5. Abraj Al Bait Towers (601m)

Tallest towers, The Abraj Al-Bait Towers are a group of seven towers in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Abraj means “towers,” while Al Bait means “house.” Their effort lasted eight years and was completed in 2012.

The Makkah Clock Royal Tower, the highest of its towers, stands at 601 metres, making it one of the world’s tallest. This is topped with a 40-meter-diameter clock that can be seen for kilometres.

6. Ping An Finance Center (599m)

The world’s sixth highest skyscraper is located in Shenzhen, China’s economic area. This behemoth, which houses the headquarters of the Ping An insurance firm, was completed in 2017. Its viewing deck is at a height of 562 metres.

7. Lotte World Tower (555m)

This skyscraper in Seoul, South Korea, was the world’s fifth-highest building when was debuted in 2017. Approximately twenty different glasses cover the surface, creating an eye-catching effect in the heart of the Seoul skyline.

There are several stores, businesses, and hotel rooms, as well as an observation deck.

8. One World Trade Center (546.2m)

This tower is part of the monument situated at the original site of the World Trade Center, in the New York borough of Manhattan, and was built in commemoration of the twin buildings that were destroyed following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

9. CN Tower (553.3m)

Tallest towers, Let’s clear the way for the second American structure in this row. Over time, the CN Tower has become synonymous with Toronto, Canada. This huge telecommunications complex, which is one of the world’s tallest buildings, has a transparent glass floor, panoramic café, and viewing deck.

10. CTF Finance Center (530m)

The CTF Finance Center in Guangzhou, China, is the world’s tenth highest building. It has one of the world’s fastest elevators, which scrolls at a rate of 20 metres per second. A hotel, homes, and offices are all housed in this building.

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11. Taipei 101 (508.2m)

This edifice, which dominates Taiwan’s capital, has 101 stories, thus its name. It has a large office complex as well as tourist attractions such as an observatory, high-end brands, a retail mall, and panoramic restaurants.

12. Lakhta Center (462m)

Tallest towers, The Lakhta Center, the headquarters of Gazprom and Europe’s highest tower, is situated in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It reaches its highest point at 462 metres above the Gulf of Finland.

13. Petronas Twin Towers (452m)

The Petronas Twin Towers round off this list of the world’s tallest structures. These are situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, and were inaugurated in 1998 after six years of development. The towers were originally used to install the Petronas oil group’s districts, however, they have since been repaired.

A retail mall, a theatre, an aquarium, a music hall, and even a mosque are now part of the complex.

14. Tower projects and towers under construction

This list of the world’s tallest buildings is not static. Indeed, we’ve chosen five skyscrapers that, if completed, will dethrone some of the aforementioned landmarks.

Kingdom Tower (1000m)

Tallest towers, Do you believe the Burj Khalifa is the pinnacle of arrogance? It was without this Saudi architectural project in mind! And, indeed, the Kingdom Tower should reach a height of one kilometre once it is finished! For the year 2025, this project should be completed.

Suzhou Zhongnan Center (729 m)

This 103-story skyscraper is situated in Suzhou, China, and has been under development since 2020.

Lakhta Center 2 (project presented in May 2021) (703 m)

In May 2021, the architectural design for this skyscraper in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was revealed. The topmost residential level will be 590 metres high. It will also contain the world’s tallest observation deck. It will rise to a total height of 703 metres.

Although the actual site of the building has not been disclosed, we do know that it will be next to the Lakhta Center.

Goldin Finance 117 (596.6m)

The construction of this Chinese skyscraper in Tianjin started in 2008. It is expected to be finished in 2022, despite multiple setbacks. The majority of its space will be taken up by offices.

Wuhan Greenland Center – 636m

Wuhan, China is home to this 96-story skyscraper. It is expected to be finished in 2022.

You now know where to store your belongings so that you may have your head in the clouds at the top of one of the world’s highest structures!

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