turn on wordpress website offline

How to turn on your wordpress website offline

Put WordPress website offline Chances are you’ve come across them yourself: websites that are temporarily offline. Websites are often taken offline due to maintenance of existing pages or the addition of new pages. You do not want to confront your visitors with this, so it is wiser to temporarily take the website offline. You can […]

How to set up favicon on wordpress

Set up favicon on your WordPress website

A Favicon is better known as the little icon that displays your website next to the title of your website. It is easier for visitors to identify your site, for example, if they have multiple tabs open at the same time. In addition, it ensures greater recognition of your website: nowadays your Favicon is often […]

build wordpress website

Have a WordPress website built or do it yourself?

You have read about the advantages of WordPress and are convinced to build a new website with this Content Management System (CMS). However, the big question you still have is: am I going to do this myself or do I have a WordPress website developed? As you might imagine, both options have their pros and […]