How to make a Awesome Social Media Video

Video has established itself in recent years as THE most consumed format on the web! Whether it’s on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, TikTok, or many others, let’s learn on How to make an awesome social media video whether it’s a delayed or live broadcast, video is everywhere! Providing quality content is essential to stand […]

Why is HTTPS so important for wordpress?

HTTPS is a must! When you have made a beautiful website for yourself or your company, it is important that it is also safe for internet users. A beautiful web design is 1 thing, but you also want to guarantee your visitors a safe user experience. The installation of an SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol are very […]

Social media: what and how to post?

Choose your subjects carefully In an ideal world, you are constantly “ top of mind ” with your business. Social media can play a nice role in this. But how do you ensure that you maintain that balance between being interesting and exciting? A golden rule: stay engaging for your followers and choose your topics carefully. Also […]