How to Convert WordPress to https in 5 steps

With Google prioritizing https sites over http sites since October 1, 2017, it is more necessary than ever to switch from http to https. That sounds very technical and seems complicated, but converting WordPress to https is very simple. You do not need programming knowledge. Learn how to convert WordPress to https in five steps. We will not explain here why […]

WordPress website to functionalities

Top 7 Plugins for better WordPress website functionalities

As an entrepreneur, it is your intention that your company ultimately brings in money. A solid website will ensure that your visitors are not only informed but also actually become customers. To boost your WordPress website functionalities, you can install plugins. Plugins add extra features to your website, which you can easily manage and use. There are both paid […]

Why is HTTPS so important for wordpress?

HTTPS is a must! When you have made a beautiful website for yourself or your company, it is important that it is also safe for internet users. A beautiful web design is 1 thing, but you also want to guarantee your visitors a safe user experience. The installation of an SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol are very […]