ways to increase traffic

10 ways to improve google traffic

Are you always keeping an eye on your website traffic statistics? Whether your website is personal or for business, more traffic means more exposure, and that means more income. So, it’s understandable that I’m obsessed with my website stats, right? In fact, I’m sure you’ve already realized that it’s important to have a constant flow […]

Google ads smart bidding features

Google Ads adds new smart bidding features

Google launches new Smart Bidding features. With the update, Google wants to make it more intuitive for marketers to automate their ads and respond to changes in the market. Changes in key signals Advertisers can now tap into key search campaign signals through Target ROAS and Maximize Conversion Value. “Currently you can only see signals […]

How to advertise on google ads

How to advertise and optimize on google ads (adwords) campaign

How to advertise on google ads? At first glance, it may seem simple. Setting up sponsored link campaigns with the aim of making your site appear in the first Google search results is within everyone’s reach. Do you want to quickly increase visibility and turnover on your website? The Google Ads platform (formerly called Google […]

How to audit your Google Ads campaign in 30 ways

Today we will discuss how to audit your Google Ads campaign as efficiently as it could be? Unless you’ve audited it, you can’t be sure. While there are many tools and services that provide algorithm-based results, they often don’t take into account your marketing goals, target audience, and the desired results of your efforts. Whether […]

[Tutorial] How to sell your products on Google Shopping?

Today lets us learn Google Shopping tutorial, Google Shopping is a price comparison service making it possible to strengthen the visibility of the product catalog of e-merchants in Google. Google Shopping was launched in 2010 in the USA before being rolled out in many other countries including France. This service is an almost essential acquisition […]