How to set up favicon on wordpress

Set up favicon on your WordPress website

A Favicon is better known as the little icon that displays your website next to the title of your website. It is easier for visitors to identify your site, for example, if they have multiple tabs open at the same time. In addition, it ensures greater recognition of your website: nowadays your Favicon is often […]

free Favicon generator

12 Free favicon generators online for your business

12 Free favicon generators you should know You have just created a blog or a website and you are particularly proud of it! Yet a tiny yet essential element is missing: the favicon. How do you generate this little symbol that makes all the difference for your brand? This icon should appear in front of […]

what is favicon

What is favicon and why is It Important?

what a favicon is and its usefulness. Then, I will give you several techniques to create an effective favicon and the process to integrate it on your site (WordPress & Prestashop). Go to the part of the article What is a favicon? Definition What’s the point? How to create a favicon? What is the format […]