Taboola Ads Pricing: How it works and how much it costs to advertise

If you follow the news of digital marketing , you may have heard of Taboola Ads, let us know more details on Taboola ads pricing

Using native advertising formats, these ads have been popping up among the options for getting paid traffic, alongside big players like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

In the case of Taboola, the messages are shown to the public next to or at the end of posts that have already interested them, as the ads are placed with content from publishers recognized in the market.

Do you want to know more about the opportunities and how Taboola Ads works? So, continue reading this article. From now on, I will unveil the secrets of this platform, including tips for publishing accurate campaigns and enhancing your dissemination strategy.

What is Taboola?

Taboola is a platform created to advertise through the discovery of content and native ads .

When creating an account, any advertiser can publish a campaign, delivering targeted materials to an audience that has already expressed interest in related topics.

If you browse the internet frequently, chances are you’ve already seen several campaigns driven with the support of Taboola. They are usually marked as “Related Content” or “Promoted Links by Taboola”.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is one that is done in such a subtle way that it does not cause strangeness in the audience. Instead of using the traditional language of advertisements – direct and full of verbs in the imperative -, native advertising follows the logic of informative content, spontaneously arousing curiosity and interest.

This is the strategy employed by Taboola to increase the number of clicks on the campaigns it promotes. As native ads appear at the end or next to news, article, video, or other content relevant to the audience’s learning, the user who is interested clicks on them in a natural way.

The dynamics are similar to what happens when you are browsing through a news portal and consume various contents there, clicking on the next text, video, or audio as they are shown.

Difference between Taboola vs Outbrain

Like Taboola, Outbrain offers opportunities to advertise through native publication, without interruption for the user.

The logic adopted by this competitor is similar, but there are differences in the quality control of the promoted ads, which serves to block spam and unrelated content.

At Taboola, audience feedback is the biggest weapon to prevent the spread of these materials, while Outbrain applies filters before campaigns are aired.

How does Taboola work?

In a simple way, Taboola does the “middle of the field” in the commercialization of online ads, connecting advertisers to publishers (content producers).

As soon as a new campaign is added, the platform’s algorithm checks the sites with similar content, which will be interesting for the advertiser’s target, and display the content there.

One of the most popular display formats is recommendation widgets, which are usually inserted in the sidebar or at the end of materials published on major websites.

The idea is that they are related to the subject addressed on that page, in order to attract the audience towards the advertiser’s website.

For Publishers

These sites and portals give space to native advertising in exchange for monetization, receiving a percentage of the values ​​collected each time a person clicks on the native ads on Taboola.

For Advertisers

Brands from different segments can enhance the digital marketing strategy with ads on Taboola.

And that happens through a process similar to that of Google Ads .

It is possible to segment the campaigns, including different formats of content, and define the amounts invested in an intuitive way.

I will comment more on this in the next topics.

How much does it cost to advertise on Taboola?

Before talking about values, it is worth remembering that the payment logic in Taboola ads pricing is based on a metric called CPC, or cost per click.

For those who do not know it yet, it is the same approach adopted by other paid traffic platforms, in which the advertiser is only charged when someone clicks on their advertising.

Theoretically, you can create campaigns at a cost of $ 0.01, because Taboola puts no limit on investment.

However, for the campaign to have reasonable performance, the platform usually indicates a CPC between US $ 0.20 and US $ 0.70, depending on the objectives, niche, campaign time, among other factors.

What are the Advantages of advertising on Taboola?

Now that you know how the platform works, let’s go to the main benefits of it for your strategy.

Follow good reasons to advertise on Taboola Ads pricing!

1. Great exposure and interest segmentation

Taboola ads pricing seems very light As I mentioned above, Taboola’s partner publishers are great portals and websites, which guarantees considerable exposure for your brand.

Of course, impressions also depend on your campaign’s CPC value, with the largest ones getting more views.

However, even smaller campaigns are likely to perform well, in addition to interest segmentation.

An advertisement about pet shop products, for example, tends to appear alongside content related to this universe.

2. Less resistance from the public

Campaigns paid on Google or on social media have their importance, however, they end up losing clicks because they are based on the logic of interrupting the user experience.

This is the case of sponsored links, which appear on organic search pages and, although they are related to the searched keyword, they can be ignored exactly because they try to sell a product or service in a direct way.

Because they present relevant information without interrupting the customer journey, native ads face less resistance from the audience.

3. Guaranteed use of the platform

The service offered by Taboola, taboola ads pricing. has been extensively tested and approved by companies in a number of countries, which continue to use the platform to monetize or boost campaigns.

To give you an idea, the contents included in Taboola reach more than 44% of the world population.

Read more on the website maintenance

4. Little explored marketing and sales tool

In India, native advertising options are still little-used within the companies’ digital marketing strategy.

Thanks to low competition, you are more likely to stand out.

5. Potentially lower cost

Since there’s no minimum CPC value for campaigns, you’ll probably pay less and reach more customers.

How to advertise on Taboola in 4 steps

Are you interested in taking full advantage of Taboola? The time has come to learn the process for publishing your campaigns on the platform. Follow the steps below and you will not have any major difficulties, because Taboola is very intuitive.

1. Create your account

To register on the platform, access this page and enter the requested data. Your name, company, corporate email and country are some information required for you to create a profile, acquiring your own login and password.

Then, it will be possible to access Taboola and publish campaigns.

2. Select the content of the campaign

On the platform, you will insert one or more previously built content. It can be a video, article, tips list, infographic or even a landing page for the user to download rich material.

Choose the content, enter a name for your campaign and move on.

3. Target your campaign

Segmentation is very important to the success of your campaign, so fill every space carefully. See in which countries and platforms it should be displayed, choosing smartphones, computers, or tablets.

Another important piece of information is the purpose of your campaign, which can fit into online shopping, website engagement, application installation, lead generation, or brand recognition.

Finally, set the CPC, a daily and monthly limit for spending on the dissemination of native ads.

4. Fill in the payment details

The last step to put your campaign on the air is to enter your payment information, filling in the fields with data from a credit card and its holder.

And ready! Your campaign will start to appear on the pages of publishers.

Tips to improve your Taboola ads

Before creating your first campaign, check out some insights I’ve selected to increase the chances of clicks on native ads .

Create a tone of mystery

Most of the headlines that attract clicks arouse people’s curiosity, do you agree?

Therefore, betting on a tone of mystery and inciting curiosity for the continuity of the ad is an interesting idea for your campaigns on Taboola.

Want to see how the phrases get more attractive? So, let’s go to an example.

Consider replacing the first sentence with the second sentence:

  • Products for a healthier diet
  • Want to lose weight? Start with these staple foods.

What does it look like?

Use opinion leaders

In order to strengthen the potential seller of your ads, the texts need valid reasoning and arguments. A good request to add these factors is to quote the word of experts, opinion makers and insert data related to the subject.

It is worth using statements in the title of the texts, research, studies, comparisons and other information that add credibility to the material.

Prefer a clean layout

The layout helps (or hinders) your ad view, simply because it interferes with the appearance of the message. Therefore, I recommend that you choose a simple and clean layout, which shows the phrases clearly, while giving credibility to the campaigns.

Keep in mind that appearance is what will attract potential customers in the first place. Only then will they read the message. In addition to the layout itself, pay attention to the image chosen for your native ads.

You can choose a photo that generates curiosity, but try to adapt the image to what the text says.

Monitor campaign performance

This tip applies to any successful digital marketing strategy. Like other online ad platforms, Taboola features metrics that allow you to monitor and measure the performance of published messages, such as CTR

This indicator reveals the relationship between the number of views and the number of clicks on the ads, showing the efficiency of the messages with the target audience.

If the CTR is below expectations, it is worth rethinking the characteristics of the campaign, observing from the text and the layout to the data used for segmentation.

The good news is that you can edit these items on the Taboola platform itself, doing small tests to adapt your native ads. And speaking of tests, AB-type tests are a great tactic to find out what works best with your audience.

When messages have good adherence with the public, the CPC ends up decreasing, since fewer views are needed to reach an interesting number of clicks.

Thats it about taboola ads and taboola ads pricing


Always remember to define your target audience and persona well, building a digital marketing strategy that targets your ads on this and other digital platforms.

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