Swee Yin’s fashion-apparel department store runs a popular biannual sale on men’s hats, with large discounts and surprise bonus items. She wants to tailor her Google Search campaign to highlight this sale. How can Google Search campaigns be tailored to promote her company’s sales event? (Choose two.)

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Google Search campaigns can be tailored to promote Swee Yin’s company’s sales event By setting campaign start / end dates and creating a new ad group for the sale.

  • By choosing “leads” as the campaign goal.
  • By adding coupon alerts to people nearby the store.
  • By targeting specific device operating systems.
  • By creating a new ad group for the sale.
  • By setting campaign start / end dates.

The correct answers are: By creating a new ad group for the sale and By setting campaign start / end dates

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All the more significantly, you can utilize the COUNTDOWN and GLOBAL_COUNTDOWN capacities. You can tell likely clients about deals or uncommon occasions by adding a commencement to your advertisement text.

Both commencement capacities count somewhere around day, then, at that point, continuously, then, at that point, constantly. So a line of promotion text with a commencement customizer may say “Rush, deal closes in 3 hours,” and afterward 2 hours and after 28 minutes say, “Rush, deal closes quickly.”



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