Summer skincare tips to keep your skin glowing

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Summer skincare

Summer is the perfect time to show off your glowing skin. Keep your skin looking its best with these summer skincare tips. Sunscreen, moisturizer, unscented shower gel, and exfoliation are key to keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid excessive sun exposure to protect your skin from damage. These tips will help keep your skin looking its best all summer long!

Always Wear Sunscreen

The first tip on this list is probably the most important, especially if you are trying to keep your skin glowing during summer, and that is to always wear sunscreen. One of the consequences of not wearing sunscreen is that your skin will age much faster than it should.

More importantly, not wearing sunscreen will dry your skin out, leaving out vulnerable to cracking. When you look for sunscreen to wear, it should offer broad spectrum protection, be at least SPF 30, as well as offer lip protection. Better yet, you should find a moisturizer that doubles as sunscreen to kill two birds with one stone.

Don’t Shower Using Hot Water

Another tip that is less well-known that can help your skin to maintain a glow, even during summer, would be to not shower using hot water, and this tip applies even in winter. Did you know that showering in hot water dries out your skin?

In other words, even if showering in hot water is a great way to relax, it won’t help you to maintain a glow during summer. If you absolutely must shower in hot water, try to keep the time you are in the shower to around 2 minutes.

Use Moisturizer

One of the most important tips, if you are trying to achieve glowing skin during summer, would be to always wear moisturizer. While it is true that winter weather dries out your skin more than hot weather, that doesn’t mean you should avoid using moisturizers during summer.

More importantly, to maintain a desirable level of comfort, you should try to find a thin moisturizer, so your face doesn’t feel weighed down, especially in the sweltering heat. Also, remember to moisturize twice a day; once before bed and once when you wake up.

Don’t Exfoliate Too Often

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is thinking that exfoliating often is a great way to have clean, glowing skin. Unfortunately, this is the opposite, and exfoliating too often will result in dry and dull skin.

Exfoliating too often will remove the natural oils your skin produces, and lead to clogged pores, which then result in breakouts and acne. If you want to effectively exfoliate, you should only exfoliate one to two times a week, depending on if your skin needs it.

Eat a Healthy Diet

While there are many things that you can physically do to your face to achieve a healthy glow, such as using sunscreen, not showering in hot water, and using moisturizer, there are also many things you can do internally to achieve a glow, such as eating a healthy diet.

But what foods should you focus on eating? Typically, the best foods to eat to achieve glowing skin during summer would be vegetables and fruit, specifically those that contain a lot of antioxidants, nutrients, and essential vitamins. More importantly, fruits and vegetables are great for staying healthy.

Get Exercise

Another little-known tip to increase the quality of your skin would be to get enough exercise. When you exercise, you get your heart pumping, which naturally improves the flow of your blood. By doing this, you increase the amount of oxygen that your skin cells get.

There is a myth that sweating removes toxins that cause bad skin, however sweating only removes tiny amounts of toxins, and is primarily comprised of magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. This is one of the reasons why you need electrolytes after exercising.

Wash Your Face

Finally, the last thing that you can do to get a glow during summer would be to wash your face. Did you know that large amounts of dirt, dust, and pollutants affect your skin caused by buildup throughout the day?

By washing your face, you are removing these external irritants that can cause acne and breakouts. More than this, you should also consider changing and washing your bedding at least once a week, since whatever is on your face can be transferred to your pillow when you sleep.

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