Star delta conversion

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Which, among the following is the correct expression for star-delta conversion?

a) R1=Ra*Rb/(Ra+Rb+Rc), R2=Rb*Rc/(Ra+Rb+Rc), R3=Rc*Ra/(Ra+Rb+Rc)b)

b) R1=Ra/(Ra+Rb+Rc), R2=Rb/(Ra+Rb+Rc), Rc=/(Ra+Rb+Rc)

c) R1=Ra+Rb+Ra*Rb/Rc, R2=Rc+Rb+Rc*Rb/Ra, R3=Ra+Rc+Ra*Rc/Rb

d) R1=Ra*Rb/Rc, R2=Rc*Rb/Ra, R3=Ra*Rc/Rb


c) R1=Ra+Rb+Ra*Rb/Rc, R2=Rc+Rb+Rc*Rb/Ra, R3=Ra+Rc+Ra*Rc/Rb


Every delta-connected resistance is equal to the total of the two resistors it is linked to+the product of the two resistors divided by the residual resistor after the conversion to the delta. Hence R1=Ra+Rb+Ra*Rb/Rc, R2=Rc+Rb+Rc*Rb/Ra, R3=Ra+Rc+Ra*Rc/Rb.

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