Someone mother has four sons north south and east

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Someone’s mother has four son’s north-south and east what is the fourth sons name


There can be 3 answers:-

1. Someone

2. West

3. What


Let’s see the sentence first:-

“Someone’s mother has four sons north-south and east what is the fourth son’s name”

Let’s break bit by bit =>

1. Someone’s mother has four sons => By this sentence we can see Someone is a kid whose mother has four sons which are north, south, east, and someone.

2. north-south and east => We know there are four directions north, south, east, and west so, the west can be the name of the fourth son.

3. what is the fourth son’s name => This sentence says that what is the name of the fourth son. So, the names of all four sons will be north, south, east, and what.

This is just a riddle with three answers. If we see it from a logical purpose then the answer will be west because it followssequence.

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