Social media: what and how to post?

By admin

Choose your subjects carefully

In an ideal world, you are constantly “ top of mind ” with your business.
Social media can play a nice role in this.

But how do you ensure that you maintain that balance between being interesting and exciting?
A golden rule: stay engaging for your followers and choose your topics carefully.

Also know that less than 10% of your followers will see your individual posts.
This has to do with the algorithm of the social media channel you use.
This algorithm determines who gets to see, based on a complicated underlying formula.

But the subject is decisive anyway.
The more relevant, the more interesting for your followers, and the more conversions this will yield: reactions, likes, or possibly even lead.

My advice: alternate.
I would limit flat advertising anyway. Feel free to do this, but in moderation.
Make sure your contributions to your readers are like, “I want to know more about how this matches MY situation.”

Examples are:

  • Free Tips and Tricks within your field/products
  • How to use scripts or videos on how to use your products
  • Delivered products to satisfied customers (tag them too!)
  • Good news from your company (e.g. new recruitment)
  • Post linked to specific days (e.g. Black Friday)

That way you can go on endlessly.
For example, use a content calendar to plan all your contributions in advance.

In any case, you will not miss anything!


Seduce your followers

Seduction is the right word.
We want to seduce and challenge, without becoming irritating.

So keep it fun and challenge, and keep an eye on your pace.
Nobody likes to have a commercial message rammed down their throat several times a day.
Not even your followers. Keep yourself attractive and valuable.

A good pace is about 2 times a week.
No more, but no less.
That way you stay in sight, without it becoming disturbing or overwhelming.

Entice your followers with posts and posts that trigger them.
Always start from your (potential) customer.
If you do it right, they will eventually even come to your page on their own to see if anything new has already been posted.

That is what you want to achieve.

Provide appropriate hashtags

The use of hashtags is underestimated on the one hand, and on the other hand, is unknown.

It is not uncommon for you to see something like #why you would use her if I don’t know how it works.
That is not why hashtags were created.
And it has no added value to deal with it that way.

A hashtag is used as a link for a specific topic.
When you click on it, you will see similar posts on that topic.

For example, with the hashtag #marketing, you will see other posts about marketing.
At least that’s the power and purpose of hashtags.

Don’t overdo it either.
There’s no point in closing your social media post with 39 hashtags.
About 3 to 10 are more than sufficient, but make sure they are relevant.


Always include a call to action

There is always an underlying reason that you post something on social media.
Or not?

Of course, you start from the target group and post what is relevant to them.
But in the end, you do it for a parent reason.
Expanding your brand awareness, boosting the authority of your website, lead generation, …

ALWAYS post from a target.
And make sure to entice your followers to work toward that goal.
Whatever that goal may be …

To encourage your followers to achieve that goal, you work with a call to action.
This is a specific question to take action.

Consider, for example:

  • Click for more info
  • Filling in a contact form
  • Giving alike
  • Sharing the message


Not only can you measure the return on this, but it also actually yields you something so that your post can be profitable instead of costing something.
So keep it in mind! ????


Link to your website

One last tip is to ALWAYS link to your website.
So always … ????

On the one hand, adding a link can lead to a direct lead.
After all, you make it easy for your potential customer by clearing the path for him or her.

On the other hand, that link also has value for search engines such as Google.
Websites like Facebook – with more than 7,000,000 active users in Belgium, have enormous authority for Google, and some of that authority is transferred to your website via a link.

Does this mean that tomorrow you will suddenly be number 1 when you add links in your posts?
Absolutely not.

Either way, it will add to the strength of your presence in search engines.
So consistently apply the addition of links to your website in social media posts.
You always win in the long run.