Social Casinos vs Sweepstake Casinos, What’s the Difference?

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Social Casinos vs Sweepstake Casinos

When playing online casino games, you have several options, You can play slot UK games, roulette, blackjack and poker to name a few. It can be confusing when playing online casino games for the first time as there are several types of online casinos. Two examples of online casinos are social casinos and sweepstake casinos. For many newcomers and even some experienced gamers, knowing the difference between these two types of casinos can prove tricky. Continue below for all the information you need to determine the difference between the two types of casinos and decide which you would like to use.

Social Casinos

A social casino is one that allows you to play casino games online with friends. However, the main factor to consider when choosing a game at a social casino is the games are free to play. You will not find any real money casino games at a social casino. You will still need to sign up and create an account at a social casino, but you will not have to deposit any of your own money to play the games. In other words, there is no financial risk when playing games at a social casino. However, you will find all the classic games at an online social casino, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. As highlighted above, you can organise a game with friends, all you must do is setup the game and invite them to join. Each player is handed virtual chips and you use them when playing the game. If you win, the winnings are also in virtual chips, and they have no real monetary value.

Sweepstake Casinos

Sweepstake casinos give you a choice of using gold coins to play games, which have no real-world monetary value or sweep coins for real money. Sweepstake casinos are legal in most US states and have grown in popularity over the years. Sweepstake casinos offer a social online gambling experience where players can participate in casino games for fun, but they also provide the opportunity to win money. There are real money casino games available at sweepstake casinos, including poker. If you want to have a chance of winning real money when playing at a sweepstake casino, you will need to purchase sweepstake coins. You can withdraw your sweepstake coins and exchange them for real money at any point. For those who are active on social media, there are usually contests you can enter to win free sweepstake coins but for those who just want to play for fun, without risking any money, gold coins are available free of charge. If you are interested in playing sweepstake casino games, is home to all the information you need to get started, including sweepstake casino reviews and bonuses.

The Difference Between Social Casinos and Sweepstake Casinos

The major difference between social casinos and sweepstake casinos is the latter offers a way to play that involves real money. By purchasing sweepstake coins, you can win money playing casino games, but that element is not available at social casinos. When playing at a social casino, you can arrange games with friends or play against strangers, but the games always use a virtual currency. There is no option to play games with a chance of winning real money. Both types of online casino allow you to play using a virtual currency, but social casinos are aimed more at groups of friends who want to get together for a bit of fun. Sweepstake casinos have a more serious element to them, with the possibility of real money on the line.

So, the difference between social casinos and sweepstake casinos is the opportunity to win coins that can be transferred to real money. Sweepstake casinos allow you to exchange real money for coins whereas that option is not available at social casinos.

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