Sneaker cropped | Learn more about the item that has become a celebrity favourite!

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Sneaker cropped Who said shoes could only be worn on one foot? Cropped sneakers are the new celebrity fad, and I can prove it! Although some versions are shorter, like crop, the objective is to turn pairs of varied sneakers into beautiful corsets, giving shoes a second life via recycling.

The idea was originally seen at New York Fashion Week when sustainable fashion designer Cierra Boyd displayed some of her pieces.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the style is attractive and understated! Look at the celebs who haven’t missed a beat and have already shown their pieces around!

Luisa Sonza

Sneaker cropped When it comes to fashion, Luisa Sonza is usually one of the first to take the lead here in Brazil. The artist took advantage of the release of the song “SentaDONA (Remix),” whose video takes place on a tennis court, to exploit and abuse the new trend. Sonza donned the tennis corset in films and live performances.

Jade Picon

Sneaker cropped The former BBB and millions of people’s influencer couldn’t keep away from this trend either. To celebrate the second day of Lollapalooza, the cat picked the piece with repurposed red shoes.

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Sneaker cropped Pocah was the one who gave Jade a second glance. To enjoy Lolla, the singer wore a black tennis corset.

Cardi B

Sneaker cropped In Brazil and across the globe, there is a trend! To a themed party held by her husband, Offset, the rapper donned a corset constructed of green shoes.

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