Small Fortune: 105 Ways to Save a Small Fortune (Even With A Small Salary)!

Small Fortune: Today, I’ll show you how I save a small sum on a regular basis! And don’t be concerned! These recommendations aren’t only for those who make a lot of money. Far, far away! There are also low-wage jobs available. To give you the truth, I get €1,856 net every month. And, as a result of these 105 recommendations, I expect to save between €5,000 and €7,000 each year. What’s more, the greatest thing is that it’s completely free. They are fast and simple to utilise in daily situations. Convinced? So, without further ado, here are 105 money-saving strategies.


1. Small Fortune: Do your own laundry and vacuuming at home. Car washes are exorbitantly expensive.

2. Purchase a used automobile since new cars lose value rapidly, and this begins as soon as they leave the factory!

3. If you live as a couple and have two automobiles, you can survive without one of them.

4. Check your tyre pressure on a regular basis to conserve gasoline.

5. Clean out your trunk of superfluous and heavy objects; they weigh you down and cause you to use a lot more gasoline.

6. Be a decent father. Smoothly accelerate, prevent jump starts, and swap gears rapidly.

7. Only turn on the air conditioning when absolutely essential; otherwise, push the A/C button to turn it off.

8. Drive smoothly and consistently to minimise excessive stopping and braking.

9. Avoid resting your foot on the brake or clutch pedals, since this causes early wear and increased fuel use.

10. Ensure that the front wheels are properly aligned on a regular basis. Excessive wear and added stress on the engine result from misalignment.

11. Rotate your tyres from left to right on a regular basis; rotation lessens wear.

12. Wash your automobile on a regular basis; certain dirt might permanently harm the paint on your vehicle.

13. Change your own oil; it will save you two or three times the money.

14. Use an app like Waze to follow speed restrictions. You save money on petrol and avoid expensive speeding penalties, as well as the associated rise in insurance premiums.

15. Pay your insurance payment in one lump sum, since some insurers charge you extra if you pay in instalments.

16. Share a ride to work or school. Take your bike or walk to your location if feasible.


17. Small Fortune: Don’t be swayed by current fads; they change as quickly as the wind. Don’t get rid of your clothing; keep them in your closet since they’ll come back into style at some point.

18. Buy your clothing from a thrift shop; they are far less expensive and just as trendy.

19. If your clothing are not soiled, wear them multiple times before washing them. This way, you save money on laundry (energy/detergent) and lessen the wear on your clothes.

20. Avoid purchasing garments that must be washed at the dry cleaners since they are expensive.

21. To get the greatest bargains, buy your winter clothing in late winter/early spring and your summer items in late summer/early autumn.

22. Make clothes purchases from hard discount places a top priority.


23. Small Fortune: Learn to identify these 24 edible plants and begin gathering them for food.

24. Drink tap water instead of bottled water so you never have to purchase it again. Use this approach or purchase a filter if you don’t like the flavour.

25. Freeze any bread you don’t consume right away to prevent throwing it away and having to purchase more.

26. Make meals that can be reheated easily over many days, such as soups, rice, and pasta.

27. Purchase these 5 items in bulk to save money every day.

28. Stop purchasing Coke or other drinks; they are bad for your health and pricey when compared to water.

29. Use these effective smoking cessation techniques to help you quit.

30. Quit drinking to save money and lose weight.

31. Stop purchasing coffee from Starbucks and start making your own.

32. Instead of purchasing lunch, prepare your own and bring it to work.

33. Before heading to the grocery, make a shopping list and adhere to it.

34. Shop for private label items at the grocer.

35. Grow your own food in a small vegetable garden. Grow them in pots if you don’t have a garden.

36. Reduce your meat intake gradually over many months.

37. If you know you’re going to dine out, remember to eat a bit earlier so you’re not as hungry and you can save money at the restaurant.

38. Avoid purchasing pre-cut fruit punnets or shredded cheese. It’s lot more costly, and you can easily do it yourself.

39. Stop tossing out leftover veggies. Freeze them in a freezer bag. Make a soup with it when it’s finished.

40. Purchase entire chickens. When you’ve finished all of the meat, use the carcass to create a tasty homemade broth.


41. Small Fortune: Relocate to a region where the cost of living is cheaper than in major cities. You benefit not only monetarily, but also in terms of quality of life.

42. Share a room if you’re alone. Why not try residing with your in-laws as a couple?

43. Make yearly home loan prepayments. Even if it is a modest quantity, it saves a significant amount of interest on the loan.


44. Small Fortune: Purchase your furnishings at garage sales. It costs a lot less than purchasing new. With these fantastic ideas, you can give your old furniture a new lease of life.

45. If you must do some DIY, borrow the tools you need from your neighbours rather than purchasing them.

46. When your batteries die, do not dispose of them. Put them in a wall clock, for instance. Because they take extremely little power, these clocks will still operate for a time even with a low power.

47. If you decide to thoroughly clean your carpets, do not hire a professional since the cost is too high. Rent a shampooer instead and do it yourself.


48. Small Fortune: If you have a toothache, go to your local dental school. Yes, every pupil need practise. All dental treatment is substantially less expensive, if not free.

49. Follow these basic exercises to workout at home without purchasing any equipment.

50. If you brush your teeth thoroughly and use dental floss, you will save money at the dentist.

51. Maintain a nutritious diet and exercise on a daily basis. You cut down on, or perhaps eliminate, health-care costs.

Hygiene and beauty

52. Small Fortune: Make your own toothpaste instead of purchasing it every four mornings.

53. Use this recipe to remove makeup using olive oil.

54. Do not discard the little particles of soap. To utilise them completely, wet them and put them on the fresh soap.

55. Use these homemade shampoo formulas, which are much more costly than store-bought versions.

56. Stop purchasing shaving foam. Its application just serves to maintain your beard wet. You’ll have the same outcome if you remain in the shower.

57. Learn how to cut your own hair with these simple instructions.

58. Reduce the quantity of body products you use drastically. Is it really necessary to ahave five separate day creams or a before and after shave?


59. Small Fortune: Your friends are likely to have a large number of books, DVDs, or video games that you would like. Instead of purchasing them, trade them with them.

60. Spend your nights playing board games with pals. It’s a lot of fun and really welcoming.

61. Get a library card in your area. There’s a lot more to it.

62. In the library, you may read all of the periodicals and newspapers for free.

63. You may also borrow books and DVDs for free rather than purchasing them.

64. Take up a low-cost or even free hobby, such as jogging or writing about something you like.

65. Take a stroll in the park, hike, or go to the beach. Some of the most wonderful things in life are entirely free.

66. You like watching amateur sports. Local sports tournaments are equally as thrilling as professional competitions, and they are usually free.

Investment and banking

67. Small Fortune: Set up monthly automatic payments to your savings account. As a result, you are generating cash flow without even recognising it.

68. Get a free credit card and open an Internet bank account. Not only can you skip 90% of bank fees, but these institutions often give you money when you create an account.

69. Only withdraw money from ATMs that are part of your bank’s network. Otherwise, you will be charged extra costs for nothing.

70. Use direct debit to pay all of your bills. You save money on mail and avoid paying late penalties.

71. At all costs, avoid overdrafts on your account. This is one of the most costly fees at a bank.


72. Small Fortune: Purchase baby clothing that may be worn by either a boy or a girl (no pink, for example!). That way, you may reuse them with the following kid, whether he or she is a male or a girl.

73. Make your own outfits for your children for Halloween. Making them is a lot of fun and far less expensive.

74. Today’s toys do not stimulate the imagination. Buy “old-fashioned” second-hand toys on leboncoin to engage your children’s thinking.

75. Purchase baby clothing on leboncoin for a few euros, or better yet, locate some for free on donnons. Your youngster will not notice the difference, and you will save a significant amount of money.

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76. Small Fortune: To dry your garments, use a basic drying rack. It’s a lot less expensive than running a clothes dryer, which consumes a lot of electricity.

77. Clean the coils at the rear of your refrigerator on a regular basis. A squeaky-clean coil uses less energy.

78. Check to see whether your freezer is full. An empty freezer consumes a lot of electricity to keep itself cool.

79. Switch out all incandescent lights for energy-saving bulbs.

80. Make it a practise to switch off the lights when you leave a room.

81. Use a power strip to completely switch off all electrical devices when not in use, even at night.

82. Don’t be duped into adding more alternatives to your cellphone plan. They are costly and seldom beneficial.

83. If you have a mobile phone, get rid of your landline by uninstalling France Telecom from your house.

Is it really necessary to have more than 100 TV channels? Get rid of any pricey packages that you don’t use often.

85. To save money on heating, keep the oven open after cooking food. 86. Use Skype to make free international calls. No more costly bills or out-of-package charges!

87. Lower your radiator thermostat by 2 degrees in the winter and raise it by 2 degrees in the summer.

88. Do not bring a pet. Not owning a dog or a cat saves you hundreds of dollars in food and medical bills.


89. Small Fortune: Avoid making spontaneous purchases. Always allow yourself at least two days to think before making a purchase. 90% of the time, you won’t discover that you actually need to purchase this goods.

90. Always negotiate the price of large-ticket products such as vehicles, gadgets, or major appliances.

91. Use cash as a negotiation technique; the salesman will be more attentive as a result.

92. To save money, always wait for a sale time before purchasing anything.

93. Never, ever purchase an extended warranty. Eighty percent are never used, and European regulation compels producers to include at least a two-year guarantee in the price.

94. When you acquire anything, preserve all of your receipts and invoices in a locked pocket so you may seek a repair or refund within two years.


95. Small Fortune: Rather of purchasing Microsoft Office, which includes Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, utilise free software such as LibreOffice or Google Docs.

96. Have your printer’s ink cartridges renewed rather than purchasing new ones.

97. Use draught mode to print your work. It’s quicker and uses less ink.

98. Instead of purchasing external hard drives, consider free online storage services such as Google Drive, which provides 15GB for free.

99. Instead of purchasing a new computer or smartphone if your computer or smartphone is becoming too sluggish, adopt these ways to speed it up.


100. Small Fortune: Instead of purchasing greeting cards, make your own. It’s less expensive and much more individualised.

101. You don’t need to purchase gift wrap. Make your own out of newspaper or even toilet paper rolls.

102. Agree with your family and friends not to purchase Christmas presents for each other this year, and to restrict gifts for children to no more than four.

103. Instead of purchasing presents, give your services, such as overnight babysitting.

104. Instead than purchasing items that will rapidly become obsolete, present cakes instead. Everyone enjoys excellent cakes!

105. If you get a present that you do not need, retain it and give it to someone else later. But be cautious not to give this present to the person who gave it to you initially!

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