Slack launches team calls: all you need to know about live audio chats

By Rebecca

Slack initiates team calls: You can create and join a live audio chat from a channel or private message, from your phone, the desktop app, or the web version of Slack. Messaging wants to allow you to “[recreate] the quick and informal chats you might have had in the office. ”

slack team call

Create a team call in Slack

To create a team call on mobile, all you have to do is click on the new dedicated antenna icon. It is accessible on channels and private messages, at the top left, next to the name of the channel or DM.

To create a team call on PC / Mac, locate the new antenna-shaped icon at the bottom left of your screen, below the list of channels and DMs. Then click on the helmet. There is also a complex keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + H.

If the team call is already in progress, you can join it with one click.

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The features of the team call on Slack

Here are 12 things to know about team calls on Slack:

  • Slack audio calls work with channels and private messages.
  • When a user participates in a team call, a Headset emoji is visible next to their nickname (on hover, it says In a Huddle ). You can turn off this feature in the audio call options.
  • When a team call is active, the Slack audio calls icon is visible next to the channel or message name, along with some participant avatars.
  • You can mute your microphone when participating in a team call.
  • You can share your screen in an audio call, only on PC / Mac: the one who shares sees the screen that he broadcasts at the bottom left; a dedicated window opens for the participants of the audio call who view the split-screen.
  • In a channel’s team call, you can invite people who are not in the channel (same for DMs). Guests don’t join the channel, they just participate in the team call. When you participate in a team call, on PC / Mac, you can quickly return to the channel concerned: click on the name of the call at the bottom left of your screen, then on the arrow followed by a hash mark.
  • You can adjust your audio settings in one place, by clicking on the three little dots to access the menu.
  • You can also turn on closed captions, but that’s a bad idea: Slack only understands English at the moment.
  • When a user initiates a team call in a private message, the participants receive a notification.
  • Team calls can accommodate up to 50 participants.
  • You must confirm your action when you are about to initiate a team call in a channel of more than 150 people. You can disable this feature in the settings.

Finally, Slack specifies that “team calls are being rolled out gradually for all customers subscribed to a Slack paid plan. You may not yet have this functionality in all of your workspaces. ”


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