Silly Sayings is seeing a lot of website traffic, but the company wants to generate more qualified leads. They’re interested in trying ad extensions to see if they can increase the number of qualified leads they receive. In what way can ad extensions assist companies such as Silly Sayings in generating more qualified leads?

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Ad extensions assist companies in generating more qualified leads by providing users with relevant information up-front.

  • By presenting users with catalog options for a product.
  • By dynamically using negative keywords, based on a user’s website content.
  • By attracting users with creative assets.
  • By providing users with relevant information up-front.

The correct answer is: By providing users with relevant information up-front

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Thus, it’s a smart thought to utilize every one of the augmentations pertinent to your business objectives. Promotion augmentations help organizations in producing more qualified leads by giving clients important data front and center. To augment the exhibition of your text promotions, Google Ads chooses which expansions to show in light of every individual hunt on Google.



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