Sidecar and Universal Control | What is the difference? 

Sidecar and Universal Control are two great features available on Apple Macs and iPads. Both boost productivity and may even be used together. What, after all, is the difference between Sidecar and Universal Control? I’ll go through the differences between these two tools in more detail below.

Sidecar and Universal Control operate in quite distinct ways. With this capability, you may operate numerous Macs and iPads using a single mouse and keyboard, as long as they are registered into your iCloud account and positioned within 10 metres of each other.

For example, if you have a MacBook and an iPad in the same setting, you may utilise the MacBook’s trackpad and keyboard on the iPad to boost productivity — and vice versa if the iPad has a keyboard connected.

Sidecar, on the other hand, was created to enable the iPad to be used as a secondary Mac display, transforming it into an extension and providing more screen space. You may enable the functionality to drag windows from your Mac to your iPad and vice versa.


Universal Control runs automatically, but you must have at least one Mac to utilise it since it does not operate across two iPads. This capability, however, may be utilised routinely between Macs without the usage of iPads.

Although there seems to be no limit to the number of devices that may be managed, it is worth noting that the utility is confined to mouse and keyboard. This implies you won’t be able to utilise an Apple Pencil with Universal Control.

In Sidecar, the situation has changed; the Apple Pencil may now be used like a mouse to click and choose tasks. The “pen” may also be used in applications like as Photoshop and Illustrator. After all, the iPad may be used as a graphics tablet to sketch directly on the computer and offer more detailed work.

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Which to use?

Sidecar is the best solution if you want to expand your Mac desktop to your iPad screen or use Apple Pencil to illustrate a project stored on your PC. Universal Control, on the other hand, is great for controlling numerous Macs and iPads with the same mouse and keyboard.

It’s worth noting that Apple enables you to utilise both functions simultaneously. So you can use Sidecar to link a Mac to an iPad for a secondary display, and then operate a second iPad or Mac using the primary computer’s keyboard and touchpad.

You now understand the distinction between Sidecar and Universal Control.

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