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Shoto Todoroki

Shoto todoroki is a tall, muscular young guy who seems well-built for his age. Shoto todoroki has long hair that doesn’t reach his neck and wears bangs divided twice to keep his eyesight clear. His hair is equally divided between white on his right side and blood red on his left, owing to his Quirk’s odd coloring. Shoto todoroki also has heterochromia iridium, which causes his left eye’s iris to look turquoise, while his right eye’s iris is a brownish dark grey. Shoto todoroki eyes are slender and restrained in appearance. He also has a big burn scar on the left side of the face that runs from his hairline to halfway down his cheek. He frequently has a solemn look on his face. Despite this, numerous females in his class have said that he is attractive, with Mina Ashido even claiming that Shoto todoroki is the best-looking guy in the class.

He wears the typical male U.A. uniform during school hours, but instead of the traditional brown dress shoe, he wears a pair of casual light cyan and grey lace-up sneakers.

Shoto todoroki wears a basic off-white shirt with matching slacks and boots, with two gold-colored straps running over his shoulders in his first hero outfit. He wears what looks to be an ice-like substance that covers his whole left side, including his head, although it is removable, as a method of rejecting the fire component of his Quirk.

His new hero outfit consists of a dark blue jacket with elbow-length sleeves, a grey neckpiece in the middle, baggy blue trousers, a metal-plated battle vest, white boots with deeper pale grey bottoms, and a thin line going down the center of each of them. Shoto todoroki also wears a brown utility belt with tiny metal capsules carrying medical supplies dangling from the front.

Later in the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, Shoto todoroki gets two burgundy wrist guards with metal plating to assist in controlling his body’s temperature after strikes, and his boots get a pair of straps.

Shoto updates his outfit, which bears some aesthetic parallels to his father’s second suit, over Spring Break. His wrist guards now have armor-like bracing and plating that extends from his wrist to his knuckles. His utility belt now stores two huge canisters along with his medical supplies, and his jacket now has a wide grey-blue T-shaped stripe running from his waist to his armpits. His suit is likewise a deeper blue than his previous outfits.

Shoto todoroki Abalities

Shoto todoroki resilience has been shown by his ability to resist many blows from Izuku, including a direct, One For All-enhanced punch to the stomach at 5% strength, without suffering severe damage. [15] During his struggle with Leviathan, Shoto was able to survive Leviathan’s powerful blow, which destroyed the Humanise headquarters’ floor. Shoto’s tenacity was shown when he was subjected to Dabi’s greater akinesis, despite the fact that Shoto was partly guarded by his own animacy, and Dabi purposefully held back in his last strike, leaving Shoto alive.

Enhanced Stamina: Shoto has shown that he can fight even when hurt. For example, despite many bleeding injuries to his arm and face in his struggle with Stain, he was able to continue fighting and assisting his allies,[12] and was still able to pull the villain’s comatose corpse after the battle was done. Despite his body getting burnt as he battled Dabi in akinetic combat, Shoto continued to fight.

Shoto is quick-witted, nimble, and has excellent reflexes. Because of his athletic skills, he was able to maintain the first position for the entirety of the Obstacle Race at the Sports Festival. During his matches with Izuku and Katsuki, he regularly erected ice barriers in the blink of an eye to keeping from being thrown out of the ring. He was the only one in Class 1-A who could at least partially respond to Tenya’s Recipro Turbo and avoid it. He also managed to parry a dagger thrown at his face and a number of other blows from Stain, a particularly quick opponent.

Shoto todoroki Equipment

  • Jacket Composed of a Unique Fire-Resistant Material: Shoto todoroki blue jacket is made of special fire-resisting fiber. Shoto’s body temperature is sensed by a specific gadget at his neck, which supports the vest to assist control it. The jacket of his third outfit is constructed of a stronger heat-resistant material and is stiffer than the previous one.
  • Shoto todoroki combat vest has a gadget on his back that can detect his body temperature and automatically warms or cools him down. Shoto asked that his first suit include a heating device.
  • Shoto todoroki utility belt contains metal capsules with water, pain medicine, and disinfectants, forming a first aid kit. His third outfit adds four more first aid pills, bringing the total to nine. These are kept in packs on both sides of his body.
  • Snow Boots: Shoto wears a pair of white snow boots with spikes beneath the soles to keep him from sliding on his own ice. Later, they were updated to include straps that ran across the front of the boots.
  • Shoto has upgraded his second outfit by replacing his wrist guards with “Surge Arm” gauntlets identical to those used by his father Endeavor. While the wrist guards on his previous costume were made of the same material as his vest, these gauntlets are constructed of metal and are meant to contain hot and cold air to assist Shoto to compress his ice and fire abilities more effectively.

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