Shadowlands Season 4: Fated Sanctum Overview

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Sanctum of Domination is one of the three raids chosen for the new “Fated” affix in the fourth season of Shadowlands. The raid has become harder, while its bosses enjoy new ways to torment players. This Fated Sanctum overview by WoWVendor will cover all the changes in this particular raid.

Note that the affix shifts from raid to raid every week. It means you’ll only be able to play a harder version of your favorite challenge for a week and then wait a fortnight before it’s enhanced again. The Fated Sanctum gear is a very high-level loot, making the wait absolutely worth it.

Sanctum’s Background

SoD is a massive raid with ten increasingly stronger bosses that were added in the Chains of Domination — the second major phase of the Shadowlands expansion. It’s located in the then-new area of the Maw, which also houses the Helgarde Keep, home to several more elite enemies.

The new Sanctum run isn’t too different from the old. The final bosses are the familiar old pals Kel’Thuzad and Sylvanas, both of each are long, multi-phase fights with more than one chance to get absolutely raid-wiped. It’s considered a proper challenge, especially among the heroes who cleared it on Mythic difficulty. And now it’s back with an even harder mode.

Current Affix Explained

This Sanctum Fated raid overview should cover both the subject of what to do and what you get in this run. Firstly, the raids would continue to pass the status to one another for much of the fourth season. The big three are at the top of the list, and one of them will sport a turquoise emblem. It signifies the currently featured adventure.

It follows Castle Narhia and precedes Sepulcher of the First Ones. You can judge how much you have left until the next SoD week based on which raid has the emblem. However, you can order a Sanctum Fated boost as a pre-order even if it’s not active yet.

It’s possible to adjust the difficulty to some degree. You can pick a Mythic Sanctum Fated for maximum pain, but you aren’t locked out of other modes. In fact, beating all three on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic unlocks unique rewards for players.

What the affix does, in particular, is enhance the stats of your enemies and give each boss encounter one of four unique powers that weren’t in the game before. They can seriously harm the party and change the fight’s pacing, especially if you’re playing Fated Sanctum HC. It all means that they must be addressed as soon as possible.

Affixes in SoD

Four abilities granted to bosses in the Shadowlands Fated Sanctum will be used against you on many occasions. This helpful material describes the variety of ways these effects can harm you in more detail. Spoiler: they are nasty and quite nuanced. Each fight only has one affix, mind you.

Creation Spark is a spell that creates gem-like effects above several players, gradually damaging them. When they are dispelled, they’ll create several puddles in the vicinity. Soaking in them for a few seconds makes players deal more damage. Simple as that.

Reconfiguration Emitter spawns an add that will immediately start casting a hugely harmful spell. You ought to kick it right away because it won’t be susceptible to your damage otherwise. If it stays alive for longer, it’ll do more damage, but it also means you’ll receive a better buff upon its destruction.

Chaotic Essence spawns a friendly mob near the boss. You’ll have 30 seconds to touch it before it wipes the entire team. Upon contact, it’ll turn hostile and start spawning adds — two right away, and two more per each destroyed one. After destroying the main mob you’ll receive damage and healing buffs proportionate to how many adds were destroyed in total.

Protoform Barrier essentially gives the boss a barrier that negates damage. It also spawns two mobs nearby: one friendly, and one hostile. Damaging both the boss and the hostile will gradually remove the shield, and healing the friendly creature will also help in this way. In the end, you’ll get a buff proportionate to your personal input.

For the Fated Sanctum bosses, Reconfiguration Emitter goes to Tarragrue, Dormazain, and Kel’Thuzad (bosses #1, #5 & #9). The Protoform Barrier goes to the Eye, Raznal, and Sylvanas (#2, #6 & #10). Chaotic Essence is reserved for the Nine and the Guardian (#3 & #7). Creation Spark is used by the Remnant of Ner’Zhul and RohKalo (#4 & #8).

Guide Dealing with Powers

Concerning this raid, the powers are particularly dangerous because they can be manifested in the wrong place and at the wrong time. The SoD bosses have a lot of AoE abilities that come in fast combinations. Not to mention, there are plenty of control abilities and trash enemies to keep you occupied.

Three of these affixes create new mobs nearby that absolutely need to be addressed. If they spawn when a lot is going on on your screen, then you might not even have time to interact with these things. A good Fated SoD guide would tell you to have several members on the affixmanaging duty.

And don’t forget that powers grant you sizeable buffs to damage and healing upon their destruction. They can be the difference between success and failure. Chaotic Essence in particular should be exploited to the maximum, considering how punishing bosses are in these encounters. Destroy as many Essence adds as is safe.

The main piece of affix wisdom in our Fated Sanctum guide is to use time wisely. For instance, the Emitter must be interrupted in a 3s timespan or it deals a lot of damage, while the Essence should be addressed after you’ve dispatched the many trash enemies SoD is so generous with. Acting earlier or later than needed may be less than optimal.


The main incentive to play a raid like this is the increased level of items received from bosses. Beating a Shadowlands Fated raid is one of the few ways to get the most powerful loot currently in World of Warcraft. For it, you need to approach the raid at the right time and select the Mythic difficulty. Compared to a regular raid, here’s what you get:

Difficulty Regular SoD Season 4 SoD
LFR 213 ilvl, 220 ilvl 265 ilvl, 272 ilvl
Normal 226 ilvl, 233 ilvl 278 ilvl, 285 ilvl
Heroic 239 ilvl, 246 ilvl 291 ilvl, 297 ilvl
Mythic 252 ilvl, 259 ilvl 304 ilvl, 311 ilvl

The second numbers indicate the Fated Sanctum loot you get for beating the final two bosses — Kel’Thuzed and Sylvanas. They are incredibly long encounters, and new powers make them even harder to beat. They are some of the highest item level numbers in the game right now.

The raid’s location is in the Maw, specifically — in Desmotaeron. After verifying that the SoD is good to go, you need to simply go to its entrance, select the difficulty and try it. You don’t need any additional rituals, like what the Mythic+ dungeons make you do.

You can also get loot from regular SoD if you haven’t played it yet. For instance, there’s still a mount from Sanctum Fated called Vengeance Dragonhawk that you could and to this day can get by beating her on Mythic from months ago. If you want help beating it, there is always a WoW SoD Mythic boost at WoWVendor offer.

Mor’geth Fight

When the affixed SoD is available, it’ll also mean Mor’geth will have an affix during the entire period. This guy is a world boss holed up in the citadel not far from the entrance to the raid. The encounter also becomes harder for a while, in addition to being infused with new affixes and higher-level loot.

The rewards aren’t as grand as what the Mythic or Heroic Sanctum Fated gives you, but it’s still pretty good. It’s possible to get level 285 items from Mor’geth. The deal is outstanding, considering you get relatively high-level loot without grinding through one of the toughest challenges ever for several hours.

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