SEO trends in 2021

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What are the SEO trends in 2021 ? What can you expect and should you definitely incorporate it into the online strategy ?

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These trends are not the basic steps for online findability. If you are just starting with SEO, we recommend that you first read our optimization guide: optimize website for Google in 2021

What we are going to talk about:


  1. How do search engines think in 2021?
  2. Visual search
  3. Voice search
  4. CTR keeps getting lower
  5. Link structure
  6. Local SEO
  7. user experience of sites and apps
  8. Rich snippets
  9. User Experience
  10. Mobile accessibility


1. How do search engines think in 2021?

Before we give you all the tips you need, you should first understand how search engines think today. The keyword EAT.


EAT stands for Expertise , Authoritativeness , and Trustworthiness.

For Google the key factors to rank a website. Quality is and will increasingly be rewarded with a high position.

You are expected to be the expert with unique content that adds value to the internet. Hiring someone to write your content is therefore NOT a good idea.

Google is still getting smarter

Google has an enormous amount of data available and uses this to continuously improve their algorithm. An important part of this is learning to think like a person does.

Remember the BERT update that was launched last? This is all about learning to understand content as the searcher does. Why is someone typing this in and what kind of information are they looking for?


It is no surprise that it can be found among the trends of 2021.

Visual content is indispensable in your online strategy. How can you best apply this and what should you think about it?

Google Lens

Google lens is increasingly used. It is still in its infancy , but already works super well. So good, in fact, that it can already identify 1 trillion objects.
This trend is clearly visible when you look at how this is searched for. See below the growth of the keyword “google lens” over the past 5 years.

google lens


When is visual search important?

In some industries, visual search is even more important than in others. When can visual search really contribute to your website? In fact, with everything you prefer to see the image of, than an entire article with text. You can think of recipes or directions.

How do you optimize for visual search?

  • Web authority
  • New content
  • Image must occupy an important position in the page (the higher, the better)

Voice search is not entirely new in SEO land, but it is increasingly taking over. This trend therefore definitely belongs in the list of 2021. How do you respond to this trend?

Growth of voice search

Voice search has been known for some time, but it continues to grow. There is still an increasing search for voice search.

Consider voice search

It is expected that voice search will gain an increasing share in search behavior and therefore also in search volume. Especially if you have a young target group, it is wise to include this in search engine optimization.

The main change is in the length of the keywords . People are inclined to ask longer sentences and even whole questions via speech (long tail keyword).


Suppose you want to have your hair dyed in Amsterdam. You go to Google to find the best hairdresser for you.

Typed keyword: hair dyeing hairdresser Amsterdam Voice search: Which hairdresser in USA is the best at dyeing hair?

When you ask a question via Google, there will always be one website as an answer. This is the website that according to Google gives the best answer to the question.

This answer can be found in a special box, featured snippets (see example below). In short, the top spot counts extra heavily in voice search. D hese place is therefore called position 0, making it even more important that the first position.

How do you apply voice search in website optimization?

How do you incorporate this new search trend in your website optimization?

  1. Process questions in your website. Always start with who, what, where, when, why or how. You can easily do this by means of an FAQ . If the question that the searcher asks is literally on your website, chances are that your website will be indicated by Google as an answer.
  2. Use simple language so that everyone can do something with the answer given.
  3. Use questions in the title and subtitles of blogs and pages.
  4. Use short answers so that they fit Google’s margins.

Requirement for first position voice search

Studies showed that the first position met these requirements:

4. CTR keeps getting lower

The CTR, click percentage, keeps getting lower.


Because more and more answers are already being given in Google itself.

Searchers already have their answers without having visited a website. As a result, your CTR will go down.

How do you respond to this?

Search results are being clicked less and less.

This is partly thanks to the featured snippet, which means that answers to questions are already received before the searcher has to go to a website. You can no longer attract visitors to your website via any type of keyword.

A keyword like ‘what means…’ will most likely already be answered in the featured snippet. Whether you are or not, searchers already have their answer and will not visit your website.

So choose keywords where this is less the case OR make your snippet scream to be clicked on. If the searcher feels that your website offers even more information than they really want to know, they will click on your snippet.

How do you improve the CTR?


Your snippet must convey very clearly that it is worth clicking.

How are you doing this? Keyword in URL Respond to emotions Think from the viewfinder, do they need information, do they want to make a purchase?

How can your website help with this? Make your title and description stand out compared to the competition. Check out what your competitor is saying.

you also need to understand that website maintenance is also important

How can you be even better, even more knowledgeable, cheaper or different?

Already an old phenomenon in the SEO world, but still indispensable. You have to take into account two types of links; internal and external links.

Internal links

This is often forgotten, but linking to pages on your own website is extremely important. Google wants a reliable website with qualitative information.

You do not have to tell the same story on every page, but you can indicate with a link that additional information on that subject can be found on that page. As a result, Google understands better where you discuss which information and will link that page to the right keywords.

Tip from the SEO specialist

You want to prevent Google from finding multiple pages under a particular topic. If you have two pages for keyword x, your value will be divided and you score lower on average. If you have one strong page for keyword x, you will receive the full value and score higher.

external links

Within the external links, we know two types; outgoing and incoming links.

Incoming links are links from external websites to your website. The more authority this website has, the more influence it has. In fact, a website with little authority can have a negative effect because it can come across as spam.

Outgoing links are indispensable for a healthy link structure. Are you talking about particular research, company, etc., indicate this with a link to the external website. It seems very strange if there are no external links on your entire website.

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6.Local SEO

The coronavirus pandemic has changed consumer habits. Travel restrictions forced them to turn more to local businesses . Hence the importance of focusing on geography in order to be in tune with 2021 SEO trends.

This was already true for many industries. But the health crisis we have experienced has only accentuated this trend. The good news is that it is much easier to rank well on Google by adopting an SEO strategy focused on local SEO .

Indeed, the competition is much less fierce. For locally-based businesses, this is the best way to maximize your SEO budget.

7. User experience of sites and apps

Via several initiatives, Google has already telegraphed that user experience will take an increasingly important place in SEO evaluation .

In particular via:

Core Web Vitals measure vital components of the user experience. Namely the loading time of the page, its interactivity as well as its visual stability. Google Page Experience will integrate these new indicators into those already in place by spring (existence of a mobile version, HTTPS, etc.). At the start of 2021, it will therefore be necessary to work on these Core Web Vitals in order to maintain or improve its SEO positioning.

8. Rich Snippets

The Rich Snippets are designed to expand the results that appear when a user completes a Google search.

When asking a question on Google, a ” result without clicking ” appears at the very top of the first page of search results. This box contains an image and an answer to your question.

So you don’t have to click to go to an article. The bad news is that it’s not you, but Google’s automated algorithms that choose what content on a page to promote as a “Featured Snippet”.

The good news is that you can create detailed informational content that is easy to read. This content is more likely to become an extract.

Google’s algorithms generally select the content that quickly responds to specific questions. Consider doing some research and building some content around it. For example, ” How often should I wash my fridge? “.

Providing useful information that will be used in these content snippets shows that your website has valuable content. The trick is to provide enough useful information to be included,

while also getting the searcher to click through to your website for more details. Present the information in a bulleted list and easy-to-understand HTML tables for a computer.

Not only are Rich Snippets useful, but they also get about half of Google’s search engine clicks, which is HUGE!

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9. User Experience

We know that it is essential to improve the experience of visitors once they reach our pages, but it turns out that on top of that, a good user experience will now have a big impact on the ranking of search engines.

looking for the future. According to a post from May 2020, Google will now take UX signals into account in its ranking, for example with “ Core Web Vitals ”.

It is a set of real, user-centric metrics that quantify key aspects of the user experience. They measure dimensions of web usability such as load time, interactivity, and content stability when loading.

With this update to its search algorithm, Google is therefore putting more emphasis on “enjoyable” experiences for Internet users – fast pages, on an easy-to-use site, and accessible on all devices and all websites. platforms.

Sites that offer good UX will be rewarded with better visibility during searches.

10. Mobile accessibility

Your pages must be optimized for smartphones: don’t forget that Google will deploy its ” Mobile first ” next year! Google’s “mobile-first” index will be responsible for your success, or your downfall.

Indeed, the number of page views on mobile is breaking the ceiling and it is not over: not having a mobile-optimized site is already suicide in 2020, but the way people today find information through of their smartphones is becoming so advanced that having a mobile website is not enough.

The interface should be easy to read, grab people’s attention, and then be able to answer their questions, inform them or entertain them. Yes, it’s still UX.

Do not be reassured by thinking that your “responsive” site is sufficient. Very often we start with the “desktop” version of a page and still neglect its mobile version. It often happens that a responsive site turns out to be very uncomfortable on a smartphone: that will have to change!


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