Seasonal facial treatment: The benefits of a seasonal facial treatment

Seasonal facial treatment: A facial treatment is like giving yourself a present for your skin! This is shown by the sense of well-being and freshness felt soon after being pampered. Combat premature ageing more effectively with the nutrients delivered throughout the treatment, which will revive your skin!

Maintain your skin’s health by scheduling a face treatment every three months amid seasonal fluctuations. This helps you to maintain your natural attractiveness and the young look of your skin.

Why should you schedule a facial every time the weather changes? What are the best cosmetic treatments to use? See why it pays to treat yourself to at least four facials each year in this blog article.


Autumn: exfoliating

Seasonal facial treatment: After the summer, the skin that has been exposed to the sun’s rays has expanded somewhat, making it more difficult for the nutrients and products that it needs to get through. Furthermore, sun exposure often results in the formation of unfavourable pigment patches. We propose face exfoliation in the form of microdermabrasion or peeling, along with a moisturising mask based on vitamin E or hyaluronic acid, to properly nourish and hydrate your skin and so restore its natural brightness. This mixture will thoroughly hydrate the skin and give it a surge of vitality while clearing it of dead cells. Remember that well-exfoliated and well-hydrated skin may retain water in its tissues more readily over the lengthy winter months. You earn a lot by properly preparing it!

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Winter: moisturizing

Seasonal facial treatment: That’s all there is to it: the snow and cold have come. Your skin needs to be treated now more than ever. In truth, hot water showers or baths, harsh climatic conditions, and a lack of humidity in buildings all impose a burden on the skin! The skin becomes drier, tighter, and redder. It is important to keep your skin moisturised and protected from the elements! During the chilly season, never overlook face maintenance. The winter season is ideal for a nourishing treatment based on natural active ingredients such as royal jelly or hyaluronic acid. These compounds are both gentle and effective, providing unparalleled skin comfort. Enough to make you forget about the last storm!

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Spring: bright

Seasonal facial treatment: Spring, the season of rebirth, heralds the return of the sun and milder weather. This is also the time to choose a thorough cleaning treatment for your skin. Why? To clear it of impurities collected throughout the winter, which have a detrimental influence on the complexion’s clarity and luminosity! However, since it is also pollen and allergy season, the skin becomes more sensitive and prone to responses. A calming and purifying treatment is thus great for restoring the vigour of your face. Allantoin and spirulina, two plant active components present in our clinical care products, help to renew the skin in this way.

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Summer: purifying

Seasonal facial treatment: In the summer, the sun and heat may cause creams that have gotten overly rich to be abandoned. But don’t forget to stay hydrated! It’s time to start using the summer’s most popular product: serum! It is non-greasy and very moisturising, making it ideal for hot and humid days. To combat dryness, drink more water than normal and emphasise light and moisturising active substances such as aloe vera or provitamin B5. Remember to protect your skin from UV radiation as well. When it comes to face care during the summer, go for a light treatment that will keep the epidermis hydrated throughout the season. During periods of high heat, it also aids in the regulation of excess sebum and pore dilatation.

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To preserve beautiful skin all year, bear in mind that following the six phases of the beauty regimen on a regular basis is vital for maintaining the equilibrium of skin cells.

Overall, getting a facial at each change of season helps to avoid the emergence of pimples, keep collagen in excellent condition, and retain the youthfulness of the skin throughout the year.

Between seasonal treatments, don’t hesitate to ask for a youth treatment!

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