Samsung takes inspiration from electric cars to produce mobile phones with better battery life.

Samsung takes inspiration from electric cars Fast charging is a given, but what we truly want is a battery that can keep our phones charged for more than a day or two. According to reports, Samsung is working on a technique inspired by electric vehicle batteries that might increase the component’s capacity while also increasing its longevity.

Such technology would be created by Samsung SDI, a part of the Korean corporation that manufactures everything from tiny batteries to batteries for electric automobiles.

Battery cells are often stacked in electric cars. The cells in the batteries that power smartphones and other mobile devices are packed in a “jelly roll” style, which means they are wrapped up as if they were a “swiss roll.” The graphic below depicts how this operation is carried out in great detail.

However, it is expected that if mobile device batteries use cell stacking technology, producers would be able to enhance the capacity of these components without expanding their physical dimensions.

It is true that the capacity growth would be modest at first, and should be approximately 10%. For example, a 5,000mAh battery would become a 5,500mAh battery. Although not significant, this initial variation might extend the phone’s autonomy to between two and five hours, depending on how the gadget is used.

There are additional potential benefits: the technology that Samsung is allegedly developing would enhance battery life by approximately 10% and potentially lower component production costs, a feature that, in principle, would give mobile phones greater autonomy without increasing pricing.

One of the elements that contribute to these benefits is the battery’s decreased internal resistance with respect to the winding process. This distinction causes stacked batteries to emit less heat during charge and discharge cycles, which helps to increase component life. There is even more capacity since the usage of internal space is improved.

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When will these batteries become reality?

Samsung takes inspiration from electric cars If stacked cell batteries are so beneficial, why doesn’t Samsung start producing them and everything will be fine? Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that.

To begin, this sort of technology must be thoroughly evaluated before widespread deployment on mobile devices. Furthermore, Samsung must adjust its manufacturing, which is not a straightforward, much alone inexpensive, procedure.

To summarise, we should not expect to see this sort of battery in the next months.

However, hopes can be maintained since Samsung is developing a prototype production line for the technology at its Tianjin, China, facility. In addition, a firm plant in Seoul, South Korea, is being developed for this purpose.

The corporation needs to expend an amount equal to US$ 85 million in modifying these factories.

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