Rina notices that her ad’s average cost per click (CPC) is significantly higher than the industry benchmark. But she’s not seeing improvements in her ad’s position. What can she do to potentially get a higher ad position?

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Rina can focus to improve the ad’s quality score to potentially get a higher ad position.

  • Decrease the number of ad groups.
  • Match the bid to an industry benchmark.
  • Increase the number of ad groups.
  • Improve the ad’s quality score.

The correct answer is: Improve the ad’s quality score.

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Quality Score is a gauge of the nature of your promotions, watchwords, and greeting pages. Greater promotions can prompt lower costs and better advertisement positions. Quality score is made out of expected clickthrough rate, promotion significance, and greeting page insight.

The three parts of Quality Score:

1. Expected clickthrough rate (eCTR)

2. Advertisement significance

3. Point of arrival Experience



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