Retirement: Advice and expertise for retirement

By Flinston
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Retirement: Many retirees regard retirement as a true obstacle course. They sometimes express regret for not being accompanied in their efforts and for omitting key components that would have allowed them to enjoy a more pleasant retirement. It seems clear a posteriori, and much more so today, to be accompanied by specialists.

How to get rid of administrative difficulties?

Retirement: It is now normal to have had many changes in status and/or position over one’s professional career. It is usual for these numerous adjustments to result in inconsistencies in your professional statement. These inaccuracies and omissions are often the result of payslips that were only available in paper form, with varying forms and presentations that added to the difficulty of comprehension. Furthermore, before to the year 2000, pay stubs were written in francs. Finding one’s way through this maze is therefore very difficult, and the presence of an expert is required to prevent making errors. Neovia, the industry leader in retirement advice and experience, can assist you in calculating and optimising the amount of your pension.

How to calculate your rights as a director?

Retirement: The retirement of paid executives and company leaders is divided into three required schemes: the main plan (General Scheme or MSA) and the supplementary schemes of Arrco and Agirc. The basic pension amount is determined by the Average Annual Salary (SAM), the liquidation rate, and the number of quarters obtained in the system, and calculating it is difficult if you are not an accountant. Furthermore, supplemental pensions are point-based systems controlled by two organisations, the Association for the supplementary pension scheme for workers (Arrco) and the Association for the supplementary pension scheme for retirees (Arrco). The Arrco applies to all private sector workers, including executives and non-executives, while the General Association of Executive Retirement Institutions (Agirc) applies to executive positions in the private sector.

With a profession as a company manager, you may have amassed more throughout your career of paid positions. It seems self-evident that being accompanied to properly calculate your retirement is extremely necessary.

Have you had an international career?

Retirement: You may have worked overseas and believe that these experiences are no longer available to you. If there is an agreement or convention with France, the years spent abroad might be counted towards the entire term of insurance. In order to optimise your retirement, it is important to review your acquired rights and comprehend specific statutory rules. Understanding the rules requires skill.

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How to calculate your retirement for a liberal profession?

Retirement: The liberal professions’ pension consists of a base pension and one or more mandatory additional pensions. The regulations governing the basic pension are shared by almost all professional funds. Supplementary pension guidelines, on the other hand, differ from one fund to the next.

Except for attorneys, all liberals rely on the National Old Age Insurance Fund for the Liberal Professions (CNAVPL) for their basic plan. Each professional division runs its own supplemental programme. Despite the fact that they are all point-based systems, they vary significantly in terms of point value, minimum beginning age, and full rate age.

The required supplemental pension may consist of one, two, or even three pensions, depending on the professional area.