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Reinstall plugin WordPress

What is a WordPress plugin?

Reinstall plugin wordpress: A plugin, called an extension, allows you to add new options and extend the functionality of your WordPress site, without needing to code.

It exists in many areas (SEO, ecommerce, security, web marketing etc.). You will find tens of thousands of them for free on the official WordPress directory, and paid on specialized platforms.

Reinstall plugin WordPress

Where to find WordPress plugins?

Reinstall plugin wordpress: In order not to go too fast, I would like to point out that before rushing headlong to install plugins with a bang, you have to ask yourself the right questions:

  • What functionality do you need?
  • Can a plugin meet this need?
  • Are you able to understand what this plugin does?
  • Can you set it up without risking harm to your site?

Keep these questions in mind, because some plugins can have a negative impact if you do not use them correctly.

Once you know what you need, the first place to go is …

The official WordPress plugin directory

Reinstall plugin wordpress: More than 55,000 plugins are offered free of charge.

WP Marmite will present several of them to you over the weeks (this is already the case with the Yoast SEO plugin ), but you will have to go it alone to find all the plugins necessary for your project.

Don’t forget to ask yourself the questions listed above. In addition, I also advise you to be vigilant on the following aspects:

  • The number of stars : prefer a well-rated extension, if possible with at least 4 out of 5 stars.
  • User reviews . If many users criticize the extension that makes you eye, there is surely eel under the rock.
  • The number of active installations . This is not always a guarantee of quality, but it remains a fairly reliable indicator: the more a plugin accumulates active installations, the more quality it must be. Warning: do not take this statement for a generality. There are also some great plugins that don’t have 100,000 active installs.
  • The date of the last update (update) and the compatibility with your version of WordPress (the latest, preferably).

Beyond that, one thing is certain: thanks to an extension, you will be able to graft all kinds of functionalities to your site.

Are you looking for inspiration on the subject? We present to you the 25 best “generalist” WordPress plugins in this resource .

FYI, these are extensions that could appear on any type of site (blog, store, portfolio, etc.).

If that is not enough for you, other plugins are available on …


Reinstall plugin wordpress: CodeCanyon is a marketplace (which also publishes Themeforest ). This site offers various scripts for all types of websites, including plugins for WordPress.

The WordPress plugins that you can find there are all premium, that is to say paid. So be sure to study what they offer in detail before buying one, it would be a shame to spend money for nothing.

Other WordPress plugins are available …

On dozens of other sites

Reinstall plugin wordpress: Although I cannot make an exhaustive list, it is possible to find plugins elsewhere than on the two sites we have just seen. It can be found in particular on:

  • Specialized WordPress theme / plugins stores such as ThemeTrust , CSSIgniter , GraphPaperPress , WPZoom , or even Barn2Plugins & Yith ( WooCommerce specialists ).
  • Sites offering several plugins like WPMUDev and iThemes (they also sell themes).
  • Sites dedicated to a specific plugin such as Easy Digital Downloads , Gravity Forms ( see the presentation of this plugin ) and WP Rocket , which WPMarmite has explored in this article .

Google is also here to help. Type “XXX wordpress plugin” where XXX is the description of the desired feature.

Be careful though not to download anything from shady sites (no pun intended on WPMarmite: P).

Your site could have indigestion. And believe me, a little homeopathy won’t be enough to fix the problem, even if we take care of you on WPMarmite with our guide to troubleshooting WordPress errors .

Finally, the last tip I can give you concerns the number of WordPress plugins to install.

Try not to overdo it, although the most important thing is the quality of the extensions you use. In other words, it is better to have 40 well-coded plugins, rather than 10 plugins that would cause incompatibilities and bugs.

As of now, I’m assuming you’ve found at least one WordPress plugin. Now you will find out how …

Install a WordPress plugin

Reinstall plugin wordpress: For this tutorial, we will start from the most common case and go to special cases to cover all eventualities. So let’s start with a …

Installation of a free plugin from the WordPress directory

Reinstall plugin wordpress: What you need to know with the WordPress plugin directory is that it can be accessed directly from the WordPress administration.

To do this, go to Extensions> Add from the side menu.

Then type the name of the plugin you found, or keywords symbolizing what you are looking for in the search engine:

Let’s say we need a plugin to optimize our SEO, and you’ve discovered the handy Yoast SEO.

Type Yoast SEO in the search box, and see the results.

Click on Install to… install the plugin.

Once the installation is complete, after a few seconds, remember to Activate the extension to put it into service.

Congratulations, your plugin is installed.

Now let’s move on to another possibility:

Installing a purchased or downloaded WordPress plugin

Reinstall plugin wordpress: Following your shopping, you were logically able to download the .zip file of your plugin.

Note that if you downloaded a plugin for free from the official WordPress directory, or from another site, the instructions that follow are also valid.

In fact, all of the following will work as long as you have a WordPress plugin in .zip format.

Go to Extensions> Add again . This time, click on the Upload extension button.

Then select the .zip file of your plugin on your computer, and click on Install.

As an example, I installed the free Redirection plugin , which automatically redirects a visitor wishing to access a URL A, to a URL B.

Once the plugin is installed, also click on Activate the extension to activate it.

Then the same punishment. You will need to configure your plugin if it has an options page.

Let’s finish with the last way to install a plugin …

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Reinstall plugin wordpress: How to install a WordPress plugin via FTP?

  1. Unzip the plugin zip file.
  2. Open your favorite FTP software.
  3. Log into your WordPress site.
  4. Copy the folder to the root of your site, in wp-content> plugins.
  5. Finish by activating the extension on the Dashboard of your WordPress site, using the Extensions > Activate menu .

This is a summary of the method which should not be useful to you as it is possible to manage its plugins directly from WordPress.

But since this article is intended to be complete, I want to show you how to do it in detail, below.

Let’s assume that you have a WordPress plugin contained in a .zip file. Unzip it and open your favorite FTP software (ex: Filezilla, Cyberduck, Transmit).

When you are at the root of your site, navigate to your site’s / wp-content / plugins / folder . Copy the folder of your plugin (obtained after decompressing the .zip file) with a simple drag and drop in the plugins folder .

Once your plugin will appear in the WordPress plugins folder, you will have to go to Extensions , on your administration, and click on Activate to be able to start using the plugin:

The least we can say is that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to installing a WordPress plugin!

Finally, I recommend that you do not complicate your life and keep it simple.

That is, use the installation via the administration, whether for plugins from the official directory, or those you downloaded elsewhere.

What to do after installing a WordPress plugin?

Reinstall plugin wordpress: As we have seen, once a plugin is installed and activated you will need to configure it.

After configuring your plugin, check that everything is going well on your site (preferably in private browsing) and that the desired functionality is in place.

Otherwise, persevere a bit. I’m sure you’re not far off. It could also be that you have chosen the wrong plugin. You will have to go hunting again to find the ideal plugin.



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