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Realme 9 Pro+

Realme 9 Pro+, Realme has struggled to amaze the Brazilian audience with appealing models – although having excellent technology – since its arrival in the nation in 2020. The business, on the other hand, looks to be moving its focus to bringing devices that can actually compete with Xiaomi and Samsung’s popular lines, and the Realme 9 Pro+ might be the flagship of that transition.

It’s not simply the model’s name that draws people in. The 9 Pro+ is a luxury mid-ranger featuring a 90 Hz Super AMOLED display, a one-of-a-kind color-changing design, a triple camera with a 50-megapixel primary camera, and MediaTek’s Dimensity 920 5G engine. Does it make sense now? To answer these and other questions, I utilised the 9 Pro+ as my primary smartphone.

Realme 9 Pro+ ethics notice

Since 2005, Tecnoblog has been an independent journalistic platform that has assisted customers in making their next buying choice. Because our analyses are not intended to be promotional, they emphasise the good and bad aspects of each product. This material was not paid for, approved, or obtained in advance by any corporation.

Realme offered the Realme 9 Pro+ on loan, and it will be returned to the firm following testing. More information may be found at


The design of the Realme 9 Pro+ is undeniably the standout. I can confidently state that this is one of the most gorgeous cellphones I’ve held in recent years. The gadget not only has a flawless finish, but it also stands out for its thinness, which is just 7.99 mm, and lightness, which weighs 182 grammes.

But it’s difficult to believe that a luxury intermediate like this, which starts at R$3,500, doesn’t come with any water and dust resistance certification. While Realme overlooks protection, competitors such as the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (IP53) and Galaxy A73 5G (IP67) already provide it.

The Realme 9 Pro+ is a phone that, in addition to having a shine, changes colour. The trick is in the photochromic layer, which causes the backside to shift from blue to red when exposed to sunlight. In my experiments, the effect, which is unique to the Sunrise Blue hue, appeared in less than 30 seconds, becoming pink rather than reddish.

It’s an intriguing concept at first, but keep in mind that when you take the device inside, it rapidly reverts to the primary hue. Despite the fact that Tecnoblog got the Sunrise Blue unit, it was not yet accessible in Brazil at the time of the review’s publishing. Realme noted that while it is popular in other countries, the only colours available during the debut time are green and black, which do not alter colours.

screen and audio

The 9 Pro+ has a great display for its price point. The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen has a Full HD resolution and is protected by Gorilla Glass 5. Unlike the competition previously stated in the review, the 9 Pro+ has a refresh rate of 90 Hz rather than 120 Hz, but this is not a disadvantage since fluidity is still accessible and generous.

Furthermore, the Realme gadget has the AMOLED’s great brightness, exact contrasts, and deep darkness. It still includes a fingerprint reader behind the screen, and the most intriguing feature is that the device can detect heartbeats. I ran several tests, comparing it to the Apple Watch Series 6’s dependable sensor, and the cell phone’s analyses seemed to be extremely accurate.

The stereo speakers aren’t the best I’ve heard, but I believe they’re adequate. The components fitted at the ends of the 9 Pro Plus produce an immersive experience in music, movies, and gaming. Those who like to utilise wired headphones will be pleased to know that this Realme has a 3.5 mm jack.


It is compatible with Realme UI 3.0, an interface for Android 12. Previous versions of the Realme UI did not appeal to me, and the business says that it worked on smoothness, security, and stability in the current iteration. Visually, I thought the platform to be more appealing: the round icons complement the overall style, the settings section has lovely symbols with a better arrangement, and the screen’s responsiveness just adds to the overall nice experience.

The UI also supports NFC for approximate payments, Realme Share for transferring data across branded devices, and gaming mode, which includes elements to enhance gameplay. It is possible, for example, to enable the concentration mode, which disables all forms of alerts so that the user may focus only on the match.

Because the 9 Pro Plus is assured to get upgrades for two years, it will be upgraded to Android 14. It’s not the best strategy for a phone like this, but at least Realme isn’t following Motorola’s lead and just providing one update.


Realme concentrated a lot on cameras with this smartphone, and after some negative encounters with earlier models, the lenses of the 9 Pro+ gave us a different sense. Before we get into the performance, here’s the configuration: a 50-megapixel primary camera, an 8-megapixel ultrawide, a 2-megapixel macro, and a 16-megapixel front lens.

The primary camera of the Realme 9 Pro+ impressed me with its Sony IMX766 sensor and f/1.8 aperture. Color gain may be seen as a result of HDR, however this does not exacerbate the saturation. The brightness and crispness are constant, but the blur seems realistic. Even on closed days, the lens does not suffer and works well.

Still on the primary one, set to 2x, it can function as both a macro and a telephoto lens. The picture quality is so amazing that you can overlook the ultra-macro camera, which delivers terrible results. I would post all of the photographs taken for the review on social media since they have clarity, sheen, and vibrant colour.

He excels in low-light photography, and what drew my attention the most was his ability to capture images with a natural appearance. The black sky does not become too saturated, the lights do not always explode, and the brightness level is extremely pleasing.

Moving on to the ultrawide, this camera has poor quality both during the day and at night. Despite the fact that it struggles and even produces good photos because to the 119 degree viewing angle, the grains are still evident.

The front does not disappoint, and the selfie functions are similar to those seen on Samsung devices. In other words, there is a strong sense of naturalness; the subject’s face is not altered, and the colours are likewise pleasant. I loved the depth of field, albeit I still detect minor flaws when cropping.

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batteries and hardware

The Realme 9 Pro+ is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G CPU. It’s the first time I’ve tried this chipset, and I must say that I was impressed with what he provided during the evaluation. The performance is comparable to that of any other premium mid-range phone; the device will easily operate the most common day-to-day apps, such as social networks and messengers.

According to the phone’s gamer mode, Asphalt 9 operated at maximum graphics, capturing 30 frames per second. And you may play without frowning since the racing game was stable during the testing time. Furthermore, the Dimensity 920 does not disappoint and will execute the primary functions admirably.

The device’s RAM capacity is 8 GB, but it contains extension technology (virtual RAM) that leverages part of the internal storage to provide an additional 5 GB, for a total of 13 GB of RAM. The internal storage is 128 GB, and it cannot be expanded since the drawer only has capacity for two carrier chips.

The smartphone’s battery, with a capacity of 4,500 mAh, is unimpressive, especially when compared to competitors, which have capacities ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 mAh. Those who use their mobile phone often throughout the day may have certain limitations, which are exacerbated when the 90 Hz rate is engaged.

In my testing, I watched two hours of Netflix, an hour of YouTube, an hour of social media surfing, and 15 minutes of Asphalt 9 with the screen brightness set to maximum and the refresh rate set to 90 Hz. Following these exercises, the proportion dropped from 100% to 60%.

This test revealed that the autonomy is really excellent, but what truly stands out is the 60 watt charger (!). To give you an idea, it took just 40 minutes for the Realme 9 Pro+ to get from 10% to 100% using this adapter. Wow!

Is the Realme 9 Pro+ worth it?

The Realme 9 Pro+ is one of the most intriguing smartphones available from the brand, and it’s not only the colour shift effect – which, let’s face it, is a significant difference. Its configuration makes it very valuable, but only at the appropriate moment. What exactly do you mean by “at the perfect time”? R$ 3,500 is still a very good value. It is worth noting that the Galaxy A53 5G costs less than BRL 3,000, while the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G costs slightly more.

For the remainder, you’ll get a nice screen for watching movies and playing games, a generous performance, and a very stunning design, but I lack the water resistance that competitors already have. Another bad aspect is the lack of a color-changing option during the release time, which I hope will be addressed shortly.

I believe that the Realme 9 Pro+ is an appealing intermediary, and its differences only serve to emphasise that there is something unique here that the competition has yet to explore. That being said, I endorse the gadget and recommend keeping a watch on it throughout the year since, at the appropriate price, this Chinese one might be worth the investment.

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