Purchasing a gaming laptop in 2022

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Things you need to keep in mind while selecting your gaming laptop

The advantages of choosing the best laptop for gaming are quite evident. Discovering the proper dimensions, form,  and other vital features can transform your gaming experience.

Yet, it takes a lot of time and effort to find the one laptop that is the best for you, particularly if these are your first steps in the mobile gaming PC area. So, here are some suggestions on how to decide which features are required and which can be ignored to find the most reasonable price.

So what to start with when you’re searching for a brand new gaming laptop?

Your needs and desires

Are you in search of a smaller complement to your current PC? Or are you willing to find a complete replacement for your home desktop? Or maybe you do not even have one in the first place? Do you want to play new games or just old classics?

Replying to these questions will show how much you need to spend and how far you should go. If you’re just looking for a second computer that you can take around and don’t require cutting-edge software or games on ultra, you can cut back on equipment and save some cash. Many games will work well enough on the older graphics chips, so you won’t need an incredibly fast CPU.

However, if you go this way, it’s a good idea to select a device that would leave you some space for an upgrade, should you reconsider later and decide you want to increase your computer’s performance. A lot of laptops are sold as closed systems, without the possibility to later develop or add features, so when looking for a good deal, verify that you are aware of what you’re purchasing and how much it can be altered in the future.


If your laptop is both for work and gaming, you’ll want a better CPU. However, if you’re purchasing your device solely for gaming, you can save a little on the processor and pay more attention to a better graphics card. You can also try to place bets on different sports, including esports, online. The important thing is to choose a reliable betting company. Bet365 is rated highly among others.

Another thing to think of if you’re replacing your desktop is a bigger, higher-quality display, perhaps around 16 or 17 inches.

Make sure it does not get hot

If you are going to use your laptop, as its name indicates, on top of your lap, or even lay it on top of you while you’re lying down, you’ll have to look for an option that won’t try to leave a burn on your skin. Read the reviews and check the bottom and sides of the display models when shopping; if it feels too warm, it’s going to get even worse after some time in your lap.

Extras might be as essential as the main characteristics

A lot depends on personal preferences. If you favor a touch screen, want great video options, or prefer a touchpad over a mouse, those extras are important to follow. And one often disregarded but extremely essential part of every laptop is the keyboard. What does it feel like? What about the actuation, the key height?

So choose accordingly, if these extras are important for you, and don’t hesitate to go to your local store and test with some of the popular models on display there.

Dimensions and weight

This may look too evident, but the proportions and weight of any laptop are very significant. If you’re planning to carry your laptop everywhere with you, or it’s going to lay on your lap a lot, you want something light and comfortable to carry; if you’re going to place it on your desk and keep it there most of the time, size isn’t that substantial, so you can safely choose something bigger and heavier (with the concurrent increase in power and screen size). Even models with similar screen sizes can differ greatly in terms of weight and general size, so even if you can’t personally test the laptop you are looking at, at least have a look at the specs.

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