Project on consumer awareness for class 10 pdf

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Project on consumer awareness for class 10.


Project On Consumer Awareness:-


I am very thankful to the teacher “name” for providing necessary information regarding the project and also for her support in completing this project.


This is to certify that I “name” of class X (2018-19) have completed the project on “Consumer Awareness” under the guidance of “teacher’s name”.


Keep the contents like –

  • Who is a consumer
  • Consumer Rights
  • Consumer Responsibilities
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Consumer Protection Act .. Etc…..


Consumer Rights:-

a) Right to safety

b) Right to information

c) Right to choose

d) Right to be heard

e) Right to consumer education

Consumer Responsibilities:-

  • Consumers should be aware of his/her rights under the consumer protection act.
  • Consumers should check for standard marks like Hallmark or ISI.

Consumer Awareness:-

  • Consumer Awareness is making the consumers aware of their rights.
  • It is making the consumer aware of the information about goods and/or services, products.

Consumer Protection Act – 1986

NOTE:- these are some points by which you can prepare your project work.

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