Prime mover of inspiration

By Allen Kazadi

The prime mover of inspiration is the blank during normal quiet breathing expiration is a passive process as this muscle relaxes into its original dome shape. provide conditions when expiration becomes an active process or forced. explain


The prime agonist of inspiration is the diaphragm muscle.

The conditions when expiration becomes an active process is : Emphysema, Pneumonia, Bronchitis.

-Expiration is the passive process as there is elastic recoil of lungs following inspiration without contraction of any muscles.

-The elastic fibers in alveoli are damages or filled with mucus and fluid in the disease such as conditions such as emphysema or pneumonia.

-Elastic recoil of lungs.

-Hence, muscle contraction is required to forcefully exhale the air from lungs. Internal intercostal muscles contract to pull the ribs downward and remove air from the lungs.

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