Currently, having a digital presence is essential for business, as 70% of the population uses the internet, not only for entertainment but also to buy products and services. With the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, online sales have increased by more than 100%, so having a website or a virtual store can often mean the survival of a company.

In the past it was very expensive to have your own website and only a person with knowledge in web development could create it. With the popularization of the internet and the advancement of technology, today anyone can have a website, so much so that there are almost 2 billion websites at the moment and this number keeps growing every day.

However, many entrepreneurs still have doubts about how much a website or a virtual store costs and because they think it is too expensive, they end up depriving the company of this essential tool for their business. That’s why we decided to write this article, clarifying once and for all how much a website costs and how much it costs to maintain it.

Website Maintenance Cost

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    $39 /mo
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    $149m /mo
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    $280 /mo
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Website Core Update
Daily Security Check
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Security Monitoring
Speed Optimisation
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CMS Security patches
Fix Broken Link
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Woocommerce Support
Extra Layer Security
Data Base Clean Up
Corporate identity
Conversion optimisation
Design & Improvements
Mobile Friendly
Basic SEO Optimisation
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Understand how website maintenance works, how much it costs to maintain a website and much more!

Creating a website is a great decision, as this is a gateway for people and companies to the digital world, whether to make money or to become known in the virtual environment. However, something that not everyone remembers is website maintenance, which is essential throughout its use.

Precisely for this reason, not everyone knows exactly how much it costs to maintain a website, not to mention that the cost of maintaining a website can vary according to the type of service requested, whether a simple content update or a redesign in its appearance and usability . If you want to learn more about updating and maintaining websites, as well as knowing what are the possible services to be included in this set, then you’ve just come to the right place. Keep with us to understand more about the subject and, thus, know how and when you may need the services of a professional in the area, in addition to knowing an average of the prices charged in the market.

What is website maintenance for?

To keep it running smoothly, according to what the website owner wants. When a website is created, it is usually in full working order.

However, certain factors may cause the site to need to be updated or corrected over time, such as the following: Page updates: It’s common for pages on a website to need to be updated, from a product catalog to your social media and contact information.

If there is this need, the ideal is to update as soon as possible to avoid possible contact failures, as well as the availability of information that is no longer current.

Browser updates: Sometimes, certain features are no longer supported by the latest versions of the main browsers on the market, which requires updates to the site so that it can return to operating normally.

Lack of storage space on hosting: As new images, videos, pages and other resources are added to websites, storage space is consumed. It can happen that it runs out or is very close to the limit, which would prevent the addition of new data and files. In this case, it is necessary to hire more space with the hosting.

Increased visitor traffic: if it starts to receive a much larger number of visitors, site maintenance may also be necessary, in order to avoid crashes and congestion caused by heavy traffic from users connected at the same time.

Presence of viruses: Unfortunately, all websites are subject to virus and malware attacks, which can infect the computers, smartphones and tablets of those who access them. The situation is grim and calls for urgent website maintenance, as this can drastically affect your credibility.

So, basically, everything that makes the site stop working as planned brings the need to hire site maintenance, so that it is fully functional, which is essential, regardless of its size or segment.