The aim of this document is to list out the editorial policies that guide all writers working for Breldigital.com and do not relate in any manner whatsoever to the editorial policies and standards of any news channel operating under the Brel DIgital umbrella. The document is a compilation of best practices and the classification of content pieces that need to be followed to uphold high standards of ethical journalism.


Accuracy: Authors and editors must confirm that content on the website is well-sourced and checked by reporters and/or copy editors for truthfulness and timeliness.
Credibility: Articles should mention those who have worked on it: writer/reporter/contributor and editor.
Credit: Writers/authors must not reproduce content from other sources without due attribution, wherever applicable.
Bylines: An article is qualified to be bylined only when the writer/journalist has worked substantially on the copy. Inputs from other sources should be acknowledged.
Impartiality: Balanced news coverage sans bias should be the operating principle.
Endorsements: Authors/writers must not endorse or promote through text, videos, or photographs any person or entity unless it is based on editor’s judgement on the value of the information to the user.


News piece: Based on facts, verified by reporters/editors.
Analysis: By domain experts.
Explainer: Break-down of complex issues into riveting and palatable content.
Listicle: For a quick read while on the go.
Opinion: PoVs from scholars, industry leaders, public figures, in-house experts.
Exclusive: Coveted interviews/information that needs going beyond the mandate.
Review: Critiques of events, arts, shows, movies, or books.
Video: Stand-alone video content as well as value-addition to textual stories.
Column: By experienced journalists and industry experts
Fact Check: Debunking fake news and viral stories that need verification.
Photo Gallery: Some stories are better told in pictures.
Live Blog: Developing news updates on elections, speeches, Parliament sessions, cricket matches, Oscars and other big ticket events.