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what is piwaa?

Do you know Piwaa? This is a new messaging box that plugs into LinkedIn. This mini-CRM defines itself as an “overlay” to the social network’s conversation system and seeks to facilitate exchanges on the B2B platform.

what is piwaa?

What is Piwaa?

Piwaa is a Google Chrome extension created to facilitate professional exchanges on LinkedIn. With this new messaging box with a simple and easily assimilated interface, Piwaa seeks to provide LinkedIn users with a new way to increase productivity and speed of execution when using the network. Piwaa messaging for LinkedIn brings with it new features that were not found on the one made available on the professional network.

Why was the Piwaa LinkedIn extension created?

Piwaa LinkedIn Extension, despite being the # 1 professional social network in the world, has never been intuitive when it comes to interacting with potential prospects. LinkedIn messaging: a messaging system to review While the platform is a real breeding ground for companies looking to capture leads, the exchanges on its messaging system are not adapted to accommodate dozens of similar conversations.

Every day, thousands of new users join LinkedIn. Whether they are looking for a job or a service, they need to exchange directly with the contacts they find on the platform. Namely, according to a study conducted by LinkedIn in person, the network has resulted in more than 122 million interviews since its inception.

Despite the fact that it is the largest job search platform in the world, its messaging has never reflected the quality of its services. For users who receive a large number of daily messages (you are probably one of them), the inbox quickly gets messed up and it’s easy to lose track.

LinkedIn messaging has often been singled out for its lack of practicality and functionality :

Piwaa LinkedIn messaging: limited functionality

One of the problems faced by the multitude of users who use LinkedIn’s messaging system is that it is not possible to quickly access the information of the prospect with whom they are communicating.

On the other hand, the vast majority of potential customers tend to ask the same questions. Although you have a predefined sales speech and answers prepared according to the questions, the time to open your document, find the question, and write it so that it is personalized for the customer, you have wasted 2 minutes.

Once you have replied to the first 20 unread messages, you need to load a new page to access the following messages: more wasted time.

Each response you give to a collaborator or prospect brings their conversation to the top of the page. You must therefore scroll constantly to provide your answers one after the other.

The programming of certain events (video conference, making an appointment, etc.) requires opening a new page, filling out a form, and entering a date, a complex process that quickly gets you done. waste precious minutes!

The advantage of the Piwaa extension? It responds to all these issues encountered by LinkedIn users. It acts as an “overlay” to the company’s messaging system.

How does Piwaa work and what are its features?

The principle of the on-board application is simple:

The integration of a new messaging system for LinkedIn meets the limits of the one found on the platform.

Piwaa allows you to program automatic reminders. The extension gives you the possibility to schedule the sending of a message while using a variable (eg: $ last name or $ first name). This feature is a huge plus since it allows you to quickly end tasks that you normally should have put aside.

Imagine that a lead asks you to contact them again at 12:00 in 3 days. No need to alarm yourself, with automatic reminders, you prepare your message and send it in advance.

Piwaa allows you to tag your prospects. This feature, absent from LinkedIn messaging, allows you to associate tags with your contacts and, therefore, ensure better filtering in your prospecting.

There are other features that make Piwaa a great alternative to the LinkedIn messaging system. Here is a summary table.

What are Piwaa features?

The Piwaa features are really flexible and give us a more user-friendly experience, The piwaa features are”

Try Piwaa LinkedIn Messaging for free Paid plans starts at $ 4.99 / month per user.