pinterest new features

Pinterest is launching new features to make it easier for creators to collaborate with brands and generate more revenue.

Better monetization of content on Pinterest

Pinterest has just announced new tools that aim to facilitate partnerships between brands and creators but also to monetize more content. These new features are added to the list of features dedicated to e-commerce on the platform.

Tag products for purchase

Here’s good news for creators: Product tags are coming to Idea Pins! Concretely, influencers will be able to add affiliate links, in order to identify the products that appear on their publication. On the one hand, users will benefit from an improved shopping experience and, on the other hand, content creators will generate income from these affiliations.

This is timely since, according to Pinterest, users are 89% more likely to develop purchase intent from products that are tagged as an Idea Pin rather than a Product Pin .

For now, this new tool is only available in the US and UK, for all business accounts. The social network announced that the deployment in other countries is planned in the coming months.

pinterest new features
pinterest new features

Add a mention “paid partnership”

If creators and companies could already collaborate on the social network by creating dedicated Idea Pins, the social network now offers to easily add a mention that indicates “paid partnership”, to ensure more transparency. This will appear under the Idea Pin creator name, as shown in the image below.

Here are the steps to add a “paid partnership” mention on Pinterest:

  • Go to the advanced settings of your Idea Pin,
  • In the Paid Partnership tab, activate Add a paid partnership identification,
  • Identify the relevant brand. Once the company has accepted the mention, it will be displayed on the Idea Pin.

This feature is already in the testing phase and is available to a limited number of creators in different countries.

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Online sales and inspiration, the double hat of Pinterest

Pinterest seems to want to catch up with other social platforms, like Instagram or TikTok, which rely on influencers and partnerships to generate income:

In addition, the social network emphasizes more inspiration than influence: “Pinterest is the platform where creators who want to share inspiring and achievable ideas can make themselves known. With these new features, we’re empowering creators to engage millions of buyers on the platform and monetize their work. ” One thing is certain, Pinterest big up to become the reference in terms of looking for inspiration for online purchase.


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