Percentage question

In an election between two candidates, one got 55% of the total valid votes, 20% of the votes were invalid. If the total number of votes was 7500, the number of valid votes that the other candidate got, was :

A) 2500 B) 2700
C) 2900 D) 3100

Percentage question

Answer: B) 2700


Total number of votes = 7500

Given that 20% of Percentage votes were invalid

=> Valid votes = 80%

Total valid votes = 7500*(80/100)

1st candidate got 55% of the total valid votes.

Hence the 2nd candidate should have got 45% of the total valid votes

=> Valid votes that 2nd candidate got = total valid votes x (45/100)

7500*(80/100)*(45/100) = 2700

Subject: Percentage – Quantitative Aptitude – Arithmetic Ability

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