outsource link building

Everyone wants to appear higher in the search results. That is why a focused and strong SEO approach is crucial. Google ranks your website using several variables. Link building is one of them, but it probably takes the most time. That is why we at Online Marketing Monkey have the ideal solution, namely:
outsource your link building! Are you curious about how we outsource and approach your link building? Or do you want to know what link building is right? Look no further, because we answer all these questions in this article.

outsource link building
outsource link building

What is link building?

With link building, you try to have hyperlinks from other websites link to your website. You do this to improve the SEO of your website and to rank higher in the search results. Search engines like Google use hyperlinks to crawl or index the web. They search the entire internet and map the various websites and web pages.

Google searches every link on the web to find out what web pages and websites are about. Link building is therefore a method to get your website to rank higher in the Google search results. You have both internal and external link building. First of all, we explain what internal link building is:

Internal link building

It is important that visitors to your website can easily navigate on your website. That is why the link structure on your website must be in order. The visitor to your website should be able to easily move from your homepage to the other pages. You can also give another page more value by means of a good link structure. For example, if your home page is the main webpage of your website, but links to your home page on the underlying pages.

External link building

In addition to internal link building, you also have external link building. Of course, a higher authority also means that you score higher in the Google ranking. You can gain a higher authority by building good link building. You gain high authority by obtaining links on relevant sites that then refer back to your website.

Many people think that the more links pointing to your website the better, but good external link building is the perfect example of quality over quantity. Google sees every link that points to your website as a kind of vote. The more authority the voice has, the more valuable the link is.

Importance of link building

Over the years, link building has become a very important part of SEO. If you want to score high in the search results of Google and other search engines, you should participate in link building. For example, look at Wikipedia, hundreds of other websites link to this.

As a result, Wikipedia scores very high on almost all search terms. Search engines such as Google and Bing see a hyperlink to your website as a kind of vote. The referring website wants to tell its visitors that it contains very useful and valuable information when they click on the link. The more votes you get, the more the search engines will see your website as valuable and relevant. In addition, links ensure that visitors also reach your website in other ways.

In addition to technical SEO and on-page SEO, link building is therefore one of the most important factors to score a good position within the organic search results. More and better backlinks ensure that your website builds a good reputation, both for the visitors and the search engines. This will get you higher in the search results.

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Outsource link building

Do you have little experience or knowledge of link building? Then it is not really wise to start this yourself. The chance is much smaller than you will achieve success with link building. Do you want link building to contribute to your ranking in Google? Online Marketing Monkey is happy to help you! We will soon show you what our approach does to maximize the return on your link building.

The monkey approach

At Online Marketing Monkey we work out a tailor-made link-building plan for each customer. In it, we first go over the most important characteristics of link building. What exactly is it and how do you get started with it. Then we give advice for developing the link-building campaign. That is the practical implementation of the plan in which we try to increase the number of links to the website.

We mainly rely on the strong aspects of the website such as content, novelties, products, surveys, and much more. In addition, we look at the various things that Google takes into account for good link building. A link is only good if it is recognized by Google.
For this, things like the authority and relevance of the links, as well as the rate of link growth are important. In addition, we also look at how you can use your own anchor test to do link building.

Finally, in this link-building plan, we also give some practical tips for your own link-building. Those tips can help you attract a larger number of links to your website.

With this link-building plan, you also receive a plan of action with which we can really get started with your link-building campaign. However, the choice is up to the customer how they want to proceed. It is also possible to further develop this step with Online Marketing Monkey, but the company can also choose to work independently. In any case, we are always ready to help where necessary.

Once you have started your link-building campaign, we will help you analyze and monitor the results. For this, we base ourselves on various indicators that give a good picture of the effect of your campaign.

Do you want to outsource your link building yourself? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Can link building be penalized by Google?

No not at all! In fact, Google itself also uses backlinks. Link building must be done in the right way, if you don’t do this it can have negative consequences on your ranking or you can get a Google penalty yourself.

Google penalty

Google gives you the penalty that your website will be lower in the search results. This is a relatively “light” penalty you get compared to the next. The worse penalty ensures that your website/page is no longer shown in the search results at all. It is very important that you deal with these violations as quickly and as effectively as possible. You do this by improving the things you were punished for. Only in this way can you ensure that Google will re-index your website/page and make it visible to users.

There are several things within SEO that can ensure that you get a penalty. It is important that you always write for your visitors and not for the search engines. By applying this you prevent black hat SEO. You should also ensure that you use quality links in your link-building strategy. Preventing duplicate content is also strongly discouraged.

There are a few examples that can cause you to get a Google penalty. We are happy to show you this further below:

  • If your website gets a lot of backlinks from a domain that has nothing to do with your website or page in the short term, this can lead to a Google penalty. This also includes buying backlinks.
  • Using hidden texts was also a trick that was often used in the past. These texts are first and foremost not visible, but source code of these hidden texts does exist.
  • As we mentioned above, it is important to also write your texts/articles for visitors. Stuffing SEO terms, to please the search engine, will penalize Google by, (you can see it coming) giving a penalty.
outsource link building
outsource link building

Some link building tips

To get you started with link building, we share some useful tips!

Take advantage of guest blogs

Writing a guest blog is a very effective way to reach new readers and gain more “familiarity”. You just need to publish a blog on other popular websites. Not only do you gain backlinks, but you also increase your online reputation.

Social media

You can also post links to your website via social media. You can create a company page on Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, … in minutes. Then start sharing strong articles that are on your website.

Create an infographic

Creating an interesting infographic is always a plus. You can always ask other sites to use your infographic and link it to your website.

Share free content

By making free content available (photos, infographics, videos, … ) you can get a larger number of inbound links. For example, you can get an incoming link from Pexels, this is a very good site in terms of domain authority because Pexels scores 90+ on this.

The importance of outbound links

It is sometimes wise to occasionally link to websites with high authority. A site with a good and healthy link profile has both good inbound and outbound links. On your webpage where there is a lot of content, try to link to at least 3 other websites, for example, Wikipedia, news sites,

Write articles that can be shared

Become an authority in your niche. Write blogs/articles that match your target audience. For example, post your own opinion or write about new developments in your industry. If your article actually offers added value to the reader, your target group will also follow this and there is a chance that they will place a link to the article on your website.

You can also easily promote these articles or blogs by including them in your newsletter or sharing them on social media.


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