Online payments | main precautions when making online payments

Making online payments has become a highly popular alternative in recent years. The simplicity, agility, and comfort provided by digital media are surely some of the factors that lead many individuals to choose this mode of communication.

However, there are a few points to consider while making online payments. This is because, as the use of this method rose, so did the hazards associated with it. To give you an idea, according to Google tools statistics, the number of sites deemed hazardous surged by more than 441 percent in the first months of 2020.

While faced with this reality, there can only be one recommendation: use extra care and attention when making online payments. To assist you in this respect, we have compiled a list of fundamental measures that should be taken.

Check if the online store offers a safe environment

One of the primary concerns of online retailers nowadays is providing a secure environment for their clients. Serious organisations that care about their customers spend in certifications and security seals that demonstrate all of this protection.

In this regard, one of the most important measures to take while doing internet transactions, such as online payments, is to ensure that you are visiting a secure, certified, and really legitimate website. As a result, you avoid falling victim to scammers and jeopardising your financial planning.

One method is to search for the visual indicator of a green padlock, which is located on the left side of the browser’s address bar. This padlock indicates that the site is safe and has a valid SSL digital certificate, certifying the page’s legitimacy.

Also, look for so-called security seals, which are normally found at the bottom of the page. These seals may only be used by businesses that fulfil strict quality and safety requirements. As a result, their existence on the site is a reliable signal.

Check the company’s CNPJ

Another precaution that may be taken to make online payments and transactions safer is to ensure that the business has your CNPJ, phone number, and address on file. These details are required for Brazilian e-commerce. As a result, the user must be able to see them.

Armed with this information, you may examine the business’s CNPJ, for example, to validate your data and its consistency, particularly if you don’t know the company and have no history of connection.

Do not access websites and stores from unsolicited emails

Email as a sales tool is not a new concept. In reality, businesses utilise this channel extensively, sending discounts, vouchers, and a wide range of promotional materials to consumers.

However, despite the fact that it is normal practise, you must exercise extreme caution while dealing with unwanted emails. Making purchases directly via links included in these communications might expose you to a variety of hazards.

For example, the message might be fake and spread by crooks. It is usual in these circumstances to employ harmful links and false websites that seem similar to the official pages of the shops — increasing the danger of the customer falling for the scam and entering their personal and financial information on phoney websites.

In this regard, the general rule is to never make transactions based on unsolicited emails. Prefer to go straight to the desired website and make the purchase there, rather than clicking on links or promotional material whose origin you are unsure of.

Prefer stores that offer different features on their website

There is no question that internet methods provide a variety of services and benefits to the customer. Given the digital transformation situation and the rising use of new tools and technologies for purchases and payments, it is important to understand which organisations you engage with on the internet.

After all, many firms began to operate via online media, such as e-commerce, apps, and social networks. In this regard, to reduce the chances of falling victim to scammers and having a bad shopping experience, choose businesses that provide a variety of resources to simplify communication, answer issues, and provide other services.

Today, the most dependable and efficient organisations on the market tend to provide significant customer advantages, such as:

  • easy and agile online solution for resolving difficulties and issues
  • thorough product descriptions, as well as photographs that aid in visualising the actual attributes of the objects offered;
  • information about delivery timeframes, payment arrangements, and freight that is clear and objective;
  • other users’ testimonies and reviews — adding, this is a very significant element for anybody who wishes to purchase online;
  • many payment methods, such as credit card, bank slip, and online payment apps
  • In reality, the more comprehensive the store’s experience, the less likely you are to encounter an issue.

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Prefer to make in-app purchases from stores

Another strategic technique to improve security while making online payments is to utilise store apps wherever available. This is because, nowadays, the majority of online scams include the use of links that drive the user to bogus websites, the goal of which is to fool the user and steal their data during a transaction, for example.

In this regard, using a store’s own tool makes it far more difficult for criminals to employ frauds. Creating an app is a lot of work, and it takes a lot of time and effort to make it appear exactly like the company’s genuine app. This information deters crooks and makes apps a trustworthy tool—though not without danger.

Don’t forget about finances

Although security is a vital consideration when purchasing online, we cannot overlook another equally important consideration: personal funds. Because of the widespread usage of the internet by businesses nowadays, we are continuously persuaded to purchase, consume, and spend our money.

With all of the conveniences and temptations available in digital media, we wind ourselves acting on impulse, purchasing items we don’t need, and incurring debt without sufficient preparation. As a result, in addition to using appropriate security precautions while purchasing online, take positive steps when managing your spending and consuming with more responsibility and control.

In this regard, one suggestion is to seek for financial classes on the internet. There are various free solutions available to help you become a more financially organised, responsible, and strategic individual.

Finally, as can be seen, making online payments has become a fairly widespread activity in recent years. With the increased usage of the internet and digital channels, more firms began to operate in the virtual market, further propelling this industry. However, exploring all of the benefits of this modality needs careful consideration, particularly in terms of security.

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