Older Kindles will lose access to Amazon’s E-Book Store

Kindles, This is bad news for anybody who owns an older Kindle. Amazon recently informed in an email to certain of its customers that device models from the fifth generation and earlier would no longer have access to its store beginning in August 2022. Owners of the impacted devices will get a discount from Amazon when purchasing a new model.

Amazon is making significant changes to its older devices, which are part of the company’s first five generations, fifteen years after the debut of its first Kindle.

According to an email issued by the multinational to some of its customers, owners of these obsolete e-readers would lose access to its shop beginning in August.

In practise, this means that users will no longer be able to search, buy, borrow, or browse the company’s website directly from their device, but they will be able to continue borrowing and purchasing e-books via a computer, cell phone, or tablet and sending them to their Kindle without losing full integration with the store.

The measure, by the way, has no effect on the books that the user has already purchased and stored on his device, but it may complicate the lives of people who previously performed all actions on the e-reader itself. As a result, Amazon is providing a discount to anybody interested in purchasing a newer model of the Kindle, which is presently in its 11th iteration.

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In the United States, the special discount is 30% off, and it is combined with a $40 credit for e-book purchases.

In the United States, older gadgets have lost internet connectivity.

The first big issue that older Kindle users experience is the inability to access the Amazon shop beginning in August. In the United States, however, owners of the earliest generations of devices, which did not have WiFi connection, lost internet access in December of last year owing to the closure of 3G in the United States.

The impacted devices included the first- and second-generation entry-level versions, as well as the second-generation Kindle DX.

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