Oily skin: The causes of oily skin and How to fight oily skin?

Oily skin: Are your glands creating too much sebum, and you’re at a loss as to how to treat your oily skin? Don’t worry: there are ways to get rid of greasy skin and dilated pores.


Several causes may explain the appearance of dilated pores, including excessive sebum production, inadequate skin washing, the use of products that block the skin from breathing (foundation, for example), and a loss of skin suppleness.

The most prevalent reason of oily skin is hormonal swings associated with puberty, pregnancy, and the menstrual cycle, among other factors.

Furthermore, research reveal that 70% of persons with oily skin or acne have one or more family members who are suffering or have suffered the same issues. It should go without saying that the genetic aspect is significant.

Do you think the sun’s beams can assist you solve your problem? Consider it again. Of course, a day in the sun will dry up and decrease your pimples. Prolonged exposure, on the other hand, will thicken your skin, preventing sebum from escaping. Results? Skin that is oily and prone to acne.

Finally, sebum production is influenced by stress, cigarettes, alcohol, and pollution.

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To get rid of your oily skin and enlarged pores, you must wash and moisturise your face every morning and evening.

Cleaning your skin thoroughly can assist to brighten your complexion and repair minor flaws. Choose a cleanser that is both brightening and purifying to do this. A mild washing will help your moisturiser to enter and perform more effectively.

Do you believe that applying a moisturiser would make your skin more oilier? It’s all a myth. Every skin type need regular hydration. If your skin is oily, however, choose a mild water-based cream that will repair your skin’s natural barrier and precisely hydrate it while yet allowing it to breathe.

Finally, whether you have normal, dry, combo, or oily skin, you must have a beauty regimen. Follow our 6-step method for beautiful, healthy skin, from make-up removal through the application of a toning lotion.


Nothing precludes you from using cosmetics, but use it sparingly. And, if at all feasible, rest your skin a couple days a week.

Furthermore, thick coats of foundation might clog your skin’s pores. Instead, use a CC cream or treatment foundation, such as those made by Sothys.


Excess sebum, as previously said, causes the pores of the skin on the face to dilate. Fortunately, various therapeutic therapies are available to address this issue.

Pulsed light photorejuvenation and microdermabrasion are two procedures that may tighten dilated pores.

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