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new actions on divi

Today we present New Actions on Divi, an amazing new way to use Divi. new actions on Divi is one of the new features offered by Divi.

It allows you to do everything, go anywhere and find what you need all on Divi Builder and your WordPress website with incredible speed. By using simple controls and a smart search system, you can speed up your web design process.

To use the new quick action system, just press Shift + Space while in the builder, or click the new search icon in the page settings bar.

new actions on divi

A robust search and navigation engine

With new actions on Divi, you can easily search and navigate through specific items, options, and pages.

New actions on Divi acts as a robust search and navigation tool. It lets you quickly locate and navigate to specific modules, lines, and sections of your page, as well as specific builder options that otherwise would have required multiple clicks in different settings windows.

You can also quickly navigate to entirely different pages right from the builder and jump straight to editing without having to click on your WordPress dashboard. You can even quickly access the relevant Divi settings pages, the Divi role editor, and the Divi library.

Quickly navigate your page during construction

Using the Go To command, you can quickly navigate and navigate between specific modules, rows, and sections of your page. This becomes especially useful on long pages. If you are using custom administrator labels, those labels will be searchable in the Go To command.

If you know the admin label of a section and want to jump straight to it, new actions on Divi make it a lot easier. If you are a savvy user of the builder on the dashboard and prefer to use wireframe mode, this command is especially useful as it is often difficult to find specific items in the block interface, even when they are labeled. correctly.

Find and modify specific builder options

Divi Builder has a lot of options. Even if you know what you want to change, sometimes it is difficult to find specific options. These options are now easily searchable in the Quick Actions toolbar.

For example, if you want to change the background color of your page, you can just type the Background color and press Enter. The page configuration window will appear and you will be taken directly to the Background color option. It also works for Divi Builder interface settings. Using the Builder and Page commands, you can easily navigate through all of the available options.

Quickly jump to new pages and start editing

You can not only search and navigate your current page, but you can also search your WordPress website and access brand new pages, right inside the Quick Actions toolbar using the Open command. If you want to edit a new page, you can easily find that page and launch Divi Builder without having to click on your WordPress dashboard. It’s so much faster.

Easy access to Divi settings, role editor, and library

Not only can you quickly access new pages, but the Open command also gives you quick access to relevant Divi settings pages such as Theme Customizer, Theme Options, Role Editor, and Divi Library. You don’t need to exit the builder and click on your WordPress dashboard to access these areas. The Quick Actions toolbar gives you easy access.

Quick access to help videos and documentation

Quick Actions are also a great way to get help. When you type in the Quick Actions toolbar, it automatically searches our online documentation system for relevant articles and helps you find context-sensitive help brel right in the builder. Using the Help command will guide you through our internal and external help systems and give you the help you need.

Don’t just find things, do things too!

Quick Actions is so much more than just a researcher. It also allows you to perform complex tasks within the builder with incredible speed and efficiency.

Being able to quickly navigate your page, builder, and website is cool, but Quick Actions is so much more than just a searcher. He is also a doer. You can quickly insert saved modules, lines, sections, and even library items without having to navigate the build interface. You can switch between view modes, import and export presentations, save your page, and easily switch between back-end and front-end editors. It’s really amazing and super practical.

Insert saved modules, rows, sections, and library items

Using the Insert command, you can quickly add anything to your page. Instead of having to click multiple times and navigate through a long list of modules to locate and add a Slider module, just type “Slider” in the Quick Actions toolbar and press Enter to add instantly a Slider module on your page! Not only that, you can even search and add items from your Divi library. All your available articles are there and fully searchable.

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Save, publish and switch between backend and frontend editors

Quick Actions makes it easy to save your page and switch between Backend and Frontend editors. We’ve done our best to add every conceivable action to the Quick Actions toolbar. If you want to do something, just open Quick Actions and start typing. Chances are your desired action is available.

Switch between view modes and interaction modes

Using the Show command, you can quickly switch between the different display modes and interaction modes of Divi Builder. You can switch between wired mode, visual mode, and responsive modes. You can also quickly switch between hover mode, click mode, and grid mode.

For experts and newcomers

A master of quick action commands can navigate the builder and complete tasks with incredible speed, but even if you are unfamiliar with quick actions, you can still use it as a search tool or just click the commands available manually. You don’t need to memorize anything. Just start typing and Quick Actions will help you find what you’re looking for and do what you’re trying to do.


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